Medical Week in Review 9.19.14

Happy weekend! I've got a serious task to take on in the coming days- the purchase of new fall boots...and maybe a leather jacket, too. You can understand the austere nature of these purchases, I'm sure. So many choices, so many budgetary considerations. I'll let you know how it goes. What are you up to this weekend? If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting health news. 

Should we all take a little bit of lithium? It turns out Mother Nature naturally deposits the psychotropic substance in our water supply. And, rates of suicide are lower in areas where naturally occurring levels of lithium are highest. 

This 1800's cardio machine seems surprisingly familiar. Looks like Cross Fit isn't so innovative after all. 

What does your baldness pattern look like? A new study shows the way men bald could be predictive of prostate cancer risk. If you sport a receding hairline plus a posterior bald patch, not only could you use a new 'do, you should also get your prostate checked. 

1 in 10 Americans has gone to work high on cannabis, according to a new poll. Last month, a similar poll showed half of all Americans have gone to work hungover. Let's just hope surgeons aren't among those with affirmative replies. 

Some airports are implementing a new security measure- taking your temperature. Ear thermometers, infrared scanners, and handheld infrared thermometers are among the methods used to measure temp. 

7 things you never knew about eyelashes

Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a rare cancer. We suspect he had a few risk factors. What exactly is pleomorphic liposarcoma

The shock of a lifetime- mother Chloe Pullen's newborn baby Rose born with two fully formed teeth. Researchers say so-called natal teeth occur in one out of every 2,000 to 3,000 births.

The new 'Vixen Workout' lets women cut loose. The workout has a nightclub-like vibe. Throughout the class, women scream phrases like "I'm fierce" and "I'm sexy". We'll stick to a morning jog. 

Have a wonderful weekend!