Medical Week in Review 7.24.14

Hello, hello! It's been a kick back and relax kind of week around here. My husband and I snuck away for a quick getaway to Charleston, South Carolina. A few evenings spent at the Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar, three yoga classes, and one indulgent dinner at Hall's Chophouse later, I can say I have achieved total relaxation. But, now, it's time to snap back to reality. I'm off to NYC today for a Saturday morning Fox and Friends shoot (don't miss it!) then pulling a few back-to-back night shifts in the ER. We've got some exciting topics slated to post on the blog this coming week so stay tuned. But for now, enjoy this week's can't miss medical links. 

Men can now have hair transplants using locks from their chest. The new procedure blends hair transferred to bald spots from the back of the head with those from the chest to achieve a more natural appearance. 

Dentists remove no less than 232 teeth from an Indian teen's mouth. When the teen began to have pain and swelling in his lower right jaw, doctors noticed an unusual growth on one of his bottom molars and booked him for surgery. As they got to work, they discovered hundreds of tiny teeth growing within the affected molar. 

Can this shirt help improve posture? 

Sorry Downton Abbey, watching TV to relieve stress can leave you feeling like a failure. A new study shows TV does provide temporary relaxation but makes people feel guilty as if they are "giving in". Still can't keep yourself off the couch? Watch the History Channel. Intellectually stimulating content was associated with less guilt. 

Woman in labor prevented from crossing the street to the hospital by Obama's motorcade. Medics attended to the woman as she waited on a bus stop bench. 

Your cat's poop could one day treat cancer.Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite living in cat's intestines can infect people as well. Researchers are looking for a way to harness the immune response triggered by the parasite and direct it towards attacking tumors. 

Forget exercise and beer this summer. These 5 things make you a mosquito magnet

Is it love, or lust? Researchers studying eye patterns have found that where your date focuses their eyes could reveal whether he or she is romantically or sexually attracted. The study shows that when people focus on the face, romance is in the air. The body? It's just sex. 

A previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon has ended its isolation. The tribe is believed to have emerged from the jungle as a result of threats from logging and drug trafficking. But, they now face the threat of disease from the New World. Seven members of the tribe are currently being treated for flu. 

Have a lovely weekend!