Medical Week in Review 7.19.13

Whew!  It's been a hot one out there.  I hope you are are surviving this mid-summer heat wave.  I've said farewell to jeans and waistlines in general bringing out warm weather frocks in full force.  The AC in our house is cranked up to the max.  Remind me that it's so hot I don't care when the next power bill arrives.  If the thought of sweating it out outdoors makes you cringe, say in, flip open your laptop and check out this week's noteworthy medical news stories. 

Here's some inspiration.  Major League Baseball player Jon Lester of the Boston Red Sox was diagnosed with aplastic lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer in 2006.  Not only has Lester overcome cancer, he has regained his strength even pitching for the Red Sox in the World Series.  He now spends his free time encouraging pediatric cancer patients. 

Not getting enough out of your stethoscope?  Try the Rijuven CardioSleeve. This innovative device attaches to any stethoscope and allows simultaneous 3-lead ECG recording.  The heart's activity is transmitted to a computer or smartphone allowing the provider to view real-time heart activity.  Now you can see what you hear. 

Can your personality predict if you like spicy foods?  A new study shows the more of a risk taker you are the more likely you are to indulge in a 5-alarm meal.  Researchers believe this data will help guide food manufacturers marketing efforts. 

Have you seen the world's only flying eye hospital?  This ultra-high tech DC-10 jet houses an operating room devoted to treating opthalmologic conditions in developing countries around the globe. 

Spanking your kid may lead them to become obese and even have a heart attack according to a new study.  Researchers showed that children disciplined with physical punishment were more likely to become obese adults, have arthritis and suffer from heart disease than their non-physically punished counterparts.  Suggested follow-up study?  How do misbehaving children affect the heart health of innocent bystanders. 

Able bodied woman wants surgery to make her a paraplegic.  Chloe Jennings-White suffers from body integrity disorder.  An overseas doctor has agreed to perform the operation in which he would cut her sciatic and femoral nerves however Jennings-White says she can't afford the operation.  Prozac sounds like a more appropriate treatment option. 

Man claims P90X sent him to the emergency room.  After completing the first day of the workout DVD regimen, Matt Lombardi noticed his urine was turning the color of Coca-Cola.  He went online, Googled his symptoms and diagnosed himself with a case of rhabdomyolysis.  His suspicions were confirmed by the local emergency department. 

10 Cosmetic uses for everyday foods.  Cornstarch bath powder anyone?

What's worse?  Bug bites or insect repellant?  Experts express concern about some chemicals commonly contained in bug spray.  They are known to cause eye irritation, seizures, neurological damage and can even melt plastic in high enough concentrations.  Fortunately, some companies make more natural insect repelling products. 

The doctor won't take your call now.  Patients are placing calls to medical providers in ever increasing numbers.  Why do providers hate taking phone calls?  Hint-it's not only about billing. 

'Intelligent' surgical knife can sniff out cancer tissue.  This high tech knife can detect in seconds if the tissue it's cutting through is cancerous.  The new "iKnife" samples smoke given off as tissue is cut analyzing it with an electric current to determine malignancy.  Creators hope their invention will make surgery more effective and accurate.