Medical Week in Review 7.18.14

How was your week? It's been a beautiful week here in Nashville, TN and I have taken full advantage by grilling, eating outdoors and going on a few pleasant jogs on my favorite neighborhood trails. A quick trip to NYC for a Fox and Friends interview talking Secrets of the ER with Elisabeth Hasselbeck rounded out my list of this week's activities. I hope your week was a good one, too. If you find yourself with some free time this weekend, check out these medical news stories. 

Tragically, 100 of the world's leading HIV/Aids researchers were aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 that crashed in Ukraine. They were bound for an Aids conference in Melbourne. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families as well as the families of the others killed in the crash.  

Stressed? These 5 surprising things keep you calm- even if you didn't know it. 

Hey, Miss Idaho, is that an insulin pump in your bikini? Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, flaunted the device alongside her other assets in the swimsuit competition. She's boosting awareness of Type 1 diabetes with the hashtag #showmeyourpump. 

Surprising suggestion as to why divorce is more common among families with girls

Is Wikipedia a reliable source of medical information? Between 55% and 100% of factual statements made in medical articles were corroborated by scientific studies. The site proves to be a relatively reliable source of information for kidney disease and mental health problems however articles on children's ear, nose, and throat problems may be fraught with errors. 

How watching boring TV shows makes you fat. Tuning in to dull programs made women in one study 52% more likely to binge in front of the TV than those watching 'exciting' shows. 

16 Disney characters who really need to see a psychiatrist

Want a healthy family? Move to a dairy farm. Children living on dairy farms run one-tenth the risk of developing allergies. Women may also benefit. Living on a dairy farm while pregnant has been shown to promote maturation of the neonatal immune system. 

The CPR we don't see on TV. An interesting take on the stats behind the practice. 

Have a wonderful weekend!