Medical Week in Review 7.11.14

Hooray! The weekend is finally here...well, almost.  Here in Nashville, the weather is projected to be perfect for lounging by the pool and I plan to take full advantage. I hope you have some fun summer plans lined up as well. If you could use a little distraction to get you through your Friday, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

From McDonald's to Organic Valley, you're probably eating wood pulp. Yes, regardless of the perceived quality of the shredded cheese you consume, you can find wood pulp in several brands of shredded cheese. Manufacturers say it helps keep the cheese from clumping. 

Is climate change causing kidney stones? A new study shows that as daily temperatures rise, the probability of patients presenting over the next 20 days with kidney stones increases. 

Check out the ghost heart. The creation is part of a new movement in regenerative medicine. 

The oldest woman in the United States celebrates her 116th birthday. Gertrude Weaver of Camden, Arkansas is the second oldest person in the world. She says the secret to her long life is trusting God, hard work, and loving people. 

What your foot really looks like in high heels.

Have you seen Castoo? The tattoo for your cast, Castoo gives fractured extremities a custom look. From a replica of your bones to tribal trends, your can now enjoy a tat without the lifelong commitment. 

New chair sensor monitors vitals through the butt. The creation from EasySense measures heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion from the buttocks.

3 year-old boy with brain cancer becomes sheriff deputy. Wyatt, who is fighting to survive stage 4 neuroblastoma, was excited bout his police badge since he often "arrests" his brothers at home. 

Which countries spend the most on healthcare?

Have a wonderful weekend!