Medical Week in Review 6.6.14

Hold your horses! I'm off to New York for the Belmont Stakes this weekend. My big floppy hat and my husband's seersucker suit are packed and ready to go for the big day. I'm betting on California Chrome to make history on Saturday by clinching the final leg of the Triple Crown. I will be watching, mint julep in hand. Will you tune in to see California Chrome this weekend? If you find yourself with some free time before the big race check out this week's more interesting medical news.

Scientists get serious about ice cream this summer. Researchers have developed a method for exploring the mouthfeel of America's favorite warm weather treat. They hope the texture analysis will help them further perfect the dairy dessert. 

Party drug ecstasy becomes increasingly fatal in warm weather. New research shows that when used in conditions over 80 degrees Fahrenheit normally nontoxic doses of the drug increase the risk of hyperthermia which can lead to death. 

91 year-old Harriette Thompson breaks marathon record. Running the race in over seven hours (and full make-up it appears in photos), she trounced the previous record by nearly three hours. Not only did Ms. Thompson finish the marathon, she has been battling cancer and completed a round of radiation just a month before the competition. 

Israeli inventors at Wheelchairs of Hope create the first affordable wheelchair designed especially for kids. The NGO plans to produce one million wheelchairs for kids across the globe over the next seven to ten years. 

7 useless body parts explained

Got milk? An odd fad has hit the men's health world. Some men are turning to breast milk as a way to bulk up or improve overall health. Come on guys, it's time to cut the cord. Surely there's a less creepy path to bulging biceps than breast milk. 

Chocolate milk might be a more appropriate way to recover from a workout. New research shows that consuming chocolate milk after a swim helps athletes shave time off races later in the day compared to performance drinks.  

Hurricaines with female names are more deadly than those with male names. Girly storms aren't stronger than their male counterparts, rather people perceive them as a lesser threat so they are not as prepared when they hit.  

Laser device can detect alcohol in cars. The new system can be set up roadside to catch drunk drivers. 

Grasshopper burgers and scorpion lollipops make an appearance in Washington. The critter creations are part of an event promoting the ecological advantages of eating insects. Any takers?

Have a wonderful weekend!