Medical Week in Review 6.28.14

Have you ever had a week that is wildly productive but somehow inefficient all at the same time? Doing double duty when it came to NYC travel this week along with my odd hours at the hospital has left me feeling off kilter the past few days. So, I am really looking forward to a relaxing Saturday afternoon in good 'ole Nashville. I hope you have some restful weekend plans as well. If you find yourself with some down time, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

ZDoggMD is at it again! The comic doc has released a new medical parody of the hit song from movie Frozen. BPH sufferers, this one's for you

Now men can get a check-up with their shape-up. As part of a new health campaign, LA barbers are now checking blood pressure. The effort is part of a study testing whether barbershop intervention could lessen hypertension among African American men. 

Can this simple mental trick keep you from sabotaging your workout? 

It's time to turn off the boob tube. New research shows that watching TV for more than 3 hours daily could increase risk of early death. Researchers say they did not find a similar link between computer usage and early mortality. This begs the question, what if you watch TV on your computer?

New vibrating electronic glove teaches people to read/write in Braille with little to no effort. 

Neanderthals ate plants- at least that's what their poop tells us. It looks like the Paleo Diet may have missed the mark. After analyzing sediment from a Paleolithic archaeological site researchers have determined ancient humans ate not only animals but many plants as well.

It was the bite seen 'round the world. Mental training consultant Aimee Kimball says Luis Suarez's World Cup flub "Is not a conscious process, he is just trying to release emotion".  Or, maybe he's just a jerk?

Are you a little late jumping on the baby train? Not to worry. According to a new study women who are able to have children naturally later in life tend to live longer. A similar prior study also found that women able to have children over the age of 40 were four times more likely to live to 100 than women who had their last child at a younger age. 

Butter is making a comeback! The average American will eat 22.5 sticks of the stuff this year. Meanwhile, consumption of processed spreads is decreasing. 

Not brave enough to go totally topless? Now you can with the anatomically correct TaTa Top bikini. Any takers?

Have a wonderful weekend!