Medical Week in Review 6.20.14

I arrived home from my Grecian getaway last night to the hot, thick southern air. My trek back from Santorini was exhausting and jet lag had me wide awake at three o'clock this morning, but I am oh so excited to be back home. There's nothing like sleeping between your own crisp sheets and waking up to freshly brewed coffee exactly how you like it. I plan to spend the weekend poolside trying to stay cool. What are you up to? If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Should junk food companies sponsor major sporting events? Events like the World Cup drive sales of snacks like chips and sugary drinks. Some say this shouldn't be the case. 

Haters spend more time...hating? A new study shows that a person's "dispositional attitude" as a "liker" or "hater" drives activity level. Grumpy people do less, but in a twist of irony may actually be better at what they do as a result of devoting more time to the activity. 

Why does asparagus make urine smell funny?

A woman's 'selfie' helps doctors diagnose her with a stroke. 49 year-old Stacey Yepes recorded footage of her fleeting facial weakness helping docs diagnose her TIA even after symptoms subsided. 

Caffeine affects teen boys more than girls, but only after they hit puberty according to a new study. Similar gender differences have been noted in adults as well. 

Using toilet seat covers is pointless, say infectious disease specialists. While using paper toilet seat covers may provide reassurance, you can't actually catch anything from a toilet seat. The skin on our behinds provides an effective protective barrier. 

How does your state rank in terms of long-term care? Baby boomers are rapidly aging and it looks like some states could use an overhaul when it comes to caring for the elderly. 

Senators scold Dr. Oz for diet scams. The so called "Oz Effect" occurs as sales of bogus diet products boost when the famed physician mentions them on his show. Oz admits to "using flowery language" but is defending his stance. 

Drinking wine could be the newest way to combat tooth decay

Interestingly, food trucks may be safer than restaurants. Food trucks in 7 cities performed better than or the same as restaurants on food safety inspection reports. 

Have a wonderful weekend!