Medical Week in Review 6.13.14

It's a big, fat, Greek weekend for me! My mom turned 60 this month (congrats mom, you wear it well!) and what better excuse to whisk her away to a far away land. After seeing the Acropolis in Athens and famous canal in Corinth, we will be wrapping up our trip in style with a jaunt to Santorini. The ladies from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants have nothing on us. If you could use a pick-me-up to get you through the work week, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

'Nurse Nicole' urges Tinder dudes to see a doctor. When flirty men send Nicole pick-up lines, she turns the conversation to unsexy topics like blood pressure and heart disease. The Nurse Nicole character was created in honor of Men's Health Month. 

Some celiacs are annoyed by gluten-free posers

These twins don't share a birthday- in fact, they were born 24 days apart. A rare lifesaving delayed delivery procedure allowed the Boston mother to deliver her babies separately. Mom and both babies are recovering well. 

Is hair dye to blame for stylist's increased risk of bladder cancer? Increased frequency of dye and perm use is linked to raised levels of carcinogens in hairdressers' blood. 

Revenge of the nerds! A new study shows that the cool kids in middle school may not be so cool when they grow up. Popular teens have a greater risk for relationship and drug problems in adulthood. 

Doctors propose turning patients into zombies to save lives. The innovative treatment drains the blood of trauma victims, replacing it with freezing saltwater. It turns out the idea isn't completely new. In the 1960's surgeons in Siberia placed babies in snow banks before heart surgery to increase chances of survival. 

Want a better deal on a car? Put on your angry face. A new study suggests a scowl helps being taken seriously during a negotiation. 

Guys may want to keep cell phones out of their pockets. Research shows that radiation from cell phones reduces sperm quality. 

Not only did I step in vomit (yuck!) after my flight to Athens, I have likely been exposed to some pretty nasty bugs. It turns out deadly germs can live in aircraft cabins for up to one week

I don't condone smoking, but this ironic pic was just too much to resist.

Have a wonderful weekend!