Medical Week in Review 5.9.14

Congratulations if you are graduating this month! Today, Nashville is hopping with friends and families of Vanderbilt University's graduating students. Spirits are high and restaurants are packed. What do you have planned for the weekend? For starters, I suggest brewing a strong cup of Saturday morning coffee and checking out this week's more interesting medical news. 

To shower or not to shower? While most of us assume those who don't take a daily shower are stinky, science suggests limiting lathering up to a few days a week may have health benefits. 

Inside Abraham Verghese's medical bag. A new exhibit at the Smithsonian showcases the famous author and physician's supplies.

No peeing in the pool! Survey says one in five American adults admits to urinating in swimming pools. Not only is this absolutely disgusting, the byproducts created when urine interacts with chlorine can be harmful to health.

What can squid teach us about the purpose of pain?

North Carolina is officially the place where you are most likely to catch an STD. A new report gives STD statistics by state.

You really can nag your partner to death. Researchers have found that 'excessive demands' from partners can more than double the risk of death in middle-age.

Your handshake may reveal how fast you are aging. A new study shows that hand grip corresponds to other markers of aging such as mortality, disability and cognitive decline.

Prehistoric fossils show cancer is not a modern disease. Archeological findings like the Kanam mandible showcase ancient cancerous growths.

New vibrating capsule aims to cure constipation. The capsule mimics movements of peristalsis helping to clear out the colon. Any takers?

Have a wonderful weekend!