Medical Week in Review 5.2.14

Woohoo! Friday is here! It's been a long week of working 12 hour shifts in the ER and I am officially ready for the weekend. There's a lot going on here in Nashville and I plan to make dinners and derby parties the highlight of my social calendar. What are you up to? If you could use some distraction to get you through the workday, check out this week's more interesting medical news stories.

Why is this candidate for congress soliciting urine samples from across his state? Republican Art Robinson sent out thousands of fliers to Oregonians last week asking them to send in urine samples. He hopes to use the specimens to calibrate a new machine that could use urine to help detect cancer. He says the move is unrelated to his race for Congress. Let the "pee politician" jokes begin.

Medical risks of a mission to Mars. Count me out.

The cool new way to get high is...rubbing Burt's Bees Lip Balm on your eyelids? Teens say the new craze, called "Beezin" enhances the experience of already being drunk or high by adding a tingling sensation.

115 year-old woman's blood reveals clues about longevity. When Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper passed away in 2005, researchers began genetic analysis of blood and tissue samples collected during her autopsy. Their findings are published in this month's issue of Genetics.

Manufacturers of Palcohol, freeze-dried alcohol, are seeking FDA approval for the new creation. They say the product is intended for hikers and backpackers who might enjoy a drink after a long day on the trail. I'm raising a glass to guessing the product will be more popular among college students than Machu Pichu trekkers.

Put down the drumsticks. Research at Cornell University say that children who eat chicken on the bone rather than chopped into pieces are twice as likely to disobey adults and be aggressive toward other kids.

Mad at your partner? Eat a snack. One study shows that blood sugar levels help regulate marital annoyance.

Your manicure could be giving you melanoma. Nail salon lamps, used to dry wet nails and gel manicures, emit UVA light the same kind of light in tanning beds. Some mani lovers have reported developing skin cancer on the hands as a result.

Have a lovely weekend!



Thanks Lauren! Best of luck at Vandy this Fall. Let us know if there are any topics that would be helpful to cover on the blog as you start your NP program!

Erin Tolbert

I just wanted to let you know how appreciated your site is. It was one of the things that finally tipped the scale in my decision to become an NP. I start my FNP program at Vandy this August. :)