Medical Week in Review 4.18.14

Happy Good Friday! I hope you are looking forward to some exciting Easter plans with friends and family this weekend. I anticipate spending the next few days over-indulging in Peeps and Dove chocolate, my favorite Easter treats. If you find time between filling plastic eggs and cooking a Sunday afternoon feast, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Viagra ice cream? Oh, yes, it exists. Each scoop of the cool dessert colored with that familiar blue hue contains 25 mg of Viagra. The treat is the creation of Welsh food inventor Charlie Francis who invented the product for one of his celebrity clients. 

Watching your waistline this Easter? See these 19 ideas for a healthier Easter basket. Or, you could just call it a cheat day and break out the jelly beans.

A tree trimmer in Pennsylvania was up in a tree on the job when his chainsaw kicked back embedding itself in his neck. He was able to hold the chainsaw with one hand and climb down the tree with another. When he finally reached hard ground, coworkers helped stabilize him until help arrived. Fortunately, he is expected to make a full recovery and, has released his X-Rays for all to see

Being double jointed can be a pain in the gut. New research shows that patients with hypermobile joints, who have a genetic defect in connective tissue, may also be likely to have defects in the connective tissue in the gut. Double-jointed individuals are more likely to suffer from abdominal pain and digestive problems than their less flexible counterparts. 

How does your Easter basket weigh-in? Check out the Easter basket calorie counter. The handy tool even tells you how many miles you need to walk to compensate for your indulgences this Sunday. 

This new drug could be the antidote for anti-vax parents. A new oral medication can stop measles infection before symptoms begin

Being tall may not be as advantageous as you would think. Research shows that tall individuals have a greater risk of cancer and heart disease. Scientist Thomas Samaras says that "In virtually every population I've looked in, short people live longer".

Burnt-out at work? Perhaps you need a scribe. One of the most common reasons for burn-out among medical providers is excessive paperwork. By hiring a scribe to complete documentation, providers can spend more time in face-to-face patient interactions. 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!