Medical Week in Review 4.10.14

Happy Friday! Ah, yes, wedding season has officially arrived. Tomorrow, I will be attending my college roommate's nuptials. I can't wait for a little bit of dancing, a lot of cake, and to share our most fond memories over a glass of champagne. You can't top an outdoor wedding on a warm spring day. Just a few more hours and the weekend is officially here. If you find yourself with some down time today, check out the week's more interesting medical news.

Fashion photographer David Jay gives us a unique look into breast cancer with the SCAR Project. He shows that for young women, breast cancer is not a pink ribbon.

Finally!  A smartphone app I can use.  New app Entrain helps travelers avoid jet lag.  By calculating light adjustment schedules, the app tells users when to avoid bright light helping speed jet lag recovery time.

Problems with the in-laws? Yep, there's an ICD-9 code for that. See the 8 craziest ICD-9 codes.

Physician shoots off a few more Adderall prescriptions to improve Yelp rating. Check out this hilarious article from satirical not-so-news source, The Onion.

Google Glass helps one doctor save a patient's life. Dr. Steven Horng had little time to act when treating a patient with a brain bleed. Thanks to Google's innovative tool he was able to look up the patient's medical history in an instant to avoid administering medications to which he is allergic.

Does drinking cow urine cure disease? Some cultures think so.

Medicare releases individual physician payment data. The move is causing quite a stir in the medical community. The most shocking reveals include one Florida ophthalmologist who was paid $21 million in 2012 according to the CMS database.

Paralyzed men move their legs thanks to neurotransmitters. Check out the exciting video

12-year-old becomes youngest yoga instructor in the U.S. I'm not sure I could even tie my shoes at 12, much less do a head stand...

Curious how your child will look in 20 years? Researchers have developed automated age-progression software that generates images of a child's face over a lifetime.

Have a wonderful weekend!