Medical Week in Review 3.8.14

Gooood morning!  I hope you are having a lovely weekend so far.  I am a bit sleepy from working the overnight shift last night but can't rest any longer since it is finally sunny outside.  Once my morning coffee has perked me up, I plan on an afternoon of working in the yard...spring is coming!  What are you up to this weekend?  If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

What's the most disgusting item in your hospital?  It might be your own stethoscope.  A new study shows that doctor's stethoscopes are germ-ridden.  Unfortunately, fingertips on a doctor's dominant hand carry even more MRSA than stethoscopes. 

Recovering cancer patients perform in a choir to highlight the dangers of smoking.  The singers from Brazil have all lost their vocal chords as a result of the habit and use prosthesis and other devices to sing. 

Feel like all you do is prescribe (or take!) medication?  Check out "Bohemian Polypharmacy".

Getting paid to exercise might up my motivation.  Now, people in France are getting cash to bike to work.  The government hopes this will help the country save on health care costs. 

Do you prefer silence?  You might be missing the music gene.  Researchers in Spain found that some people lack the ability to get pleasure from music; in fact about 5 percent of people say they don't feel anything all when cranking up the tunes. 

Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home.

Stanford researchers get ready for a ride on the 'vomit comet'.  When astronauts travel to space, their heart muscles don't work as hard to circulate blood to the body as a result of the lack of gravity.  This leads most space explorers to suffer from hypotension.  To improve the safety of astronauts, researchers have developed a device to monitor cardiovascular performance.  They are testing the device on an airplane that dips and climbs to simulate weightlessness which they have affectionately named the 'vomit comit'. 

9 little-known habits of confident people. 

How's your hospital's cafeteria?  A disturbing new study shows that 80 percent of raw chicken served in hospitals is contaminated with E. coli.  Proper preparation eliminates the bacteria but undercooked meat still poses a risk to patients and staff. 

Don't forget to 'spring forward' tonight!  Unfortunately, Daylight Saving Time has the tendency to disrupt your biological clock. 

Enjoy your weekend!