Medical Week in Review 3.21.14

Hello from New York City!  Has anyone else caught March Madness fever?  I rarely follow college basketball but once the tourney hits and my bracket is made, I'm tuned in.  Even if you aren't a sports fan, there's something about a spirited bracket pool that brings friends and co-workers together.  I'm catching a few highlights from today's games as I prepare for my Fox and Friends hit tomorrow morning.  If you find yourself with some free time this weekend, check out this week's medical link love. 

Does tequila hold the secret to weight loss?  I sure hope so!  New research shows the agave sugars contained in tequila cause the body to produce a hormone that stimulates the body to produce insulin and promotes satiety.  The end result? A slimmer waistline...among mice participating in the study, at least. 

Can sleep science help you make the perfect March Madness bracket?

Homework might be making your child sick.  New research shows that some students are doing more than 3 hours of homework a night and it literally could be making them sick.  Excess homework is a significant stressor among kids. 

Polls show that more than half of Americans believe in medical conspiracy theories.  Commonly accepted theories include the belief that cell phones cause cancer and that the FDA is deliberately keeping natural cures for cancer off the market because of pressure from drug companies. 

Salt intake increases risk of aging.  In a study of obese teens, those who had the highest sodium intake experienced the fastest rate of cellular aging. 

Sunshine-powered toilets are coming to a country to you.  The new solar powered commode not only 'cooks' waste, but also renders it to biochar which can be used as fertilizer or burned as a heat source.  The devices will be used to help prevent disease because of lack of sewage systems in poverty stricken countries. 

Scientists illuminate the effect of magic mushrooms with brain imaging

Texas mom gives birth to quintuplets.  "I was thinking they were twins" she says.  "There at the beginning, we would go back every week and they would find a few more."  Can you imagine?!

Preschoolers' innate knowledge means they can probably do algebra.  That's funny because I don't even think I can do algebra anymore...  Child development specialists are uncovering evidence that toddlers might understand more than we think.

Grab the Kleenex before you check out this pic.  Giraffe 'kisses' a dying zoo worker goodbye.  54-year-old Mario who was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer spent most of his adult life cleaning animal enclosures at the Netherlands zoo. 

Have a wonderful weekend!