Medical Week in Review 1.9.15

Slippers? Check. Flannel pajama bottoms? Check. Lifetime supply of coffee? Check. Yes, that's right, I'm ready for a weekend spent bundled up indoors-the perfect balance to a busy week back at work. It's been an unprecedentedly chilly week here in Nashville but I've survived, of course. The puffy down coat on my Christmas list that I didn't get but was debating about buying anyway is looking more and more like a necessity. How have you been braving this cold blast? 

With 2015 in full swing, medical news is back. Here's an update on this week's more interesting health happenings.

Check out this life hack- a kitchen gadget that locks cookies away so you can't eat the whole box in one setting. The container is equipped with a lock and timer and does not allow overrides. Just in time for Girl Scout season...

5 health megatrends that may prove costly in 2015

The State of Connecticut has ruled it can force this teenage girl to undergo chemotherapy. Cassandra Fortin has an 85 percent chance of surviving Hodgkin Lymphoma with treatment but her mother doesn't support the decision. 

22 instagram accounts that will inspire you to get fit in 2015

This 'lab in a suitcase' helps control the spread of Ebola. Created by a German scientist, the portable lab is positioned to improve Ebola testing in remote areas without electricity or refrigeration. 

13 NHL players and 2 referees have been diagnosed with none other than mumps. The outbreak began when Anaheim Ducks player Francois Beauchemin noticed swelling to his jaw after a game against the Arizona Coyotes. The disease then began to spread throughout the league. 

Did you know that coffee grounds can stop a wound from bleeding?

How long do you wait before washing your pajamas? A new study shows the average man wears PJ's for about 13 days and the average woman for 17 days(!) before giving them a wash. Skimping on cleaning clothes increases risk of skin infections like MRSA.

What do people with color blindness actually see? This video shows you what it's like

Disneyland received an unwelcome visitor over Christmas break. The measles virus made an appearance at the park. Public health officials have confirmed 9 cases and suspect the virus was carried by visitors from abroad where vaccinating against the disease is less common. 

Did arrhythmia influence Bethoven's music? Researchers investigating the musicians compositions believe he may have had a cardiac arrhythmia based on the pattern of beats in his music. 

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Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!