Medical Week in Review 1.4.15

My last 10 days can definitely be described as indulgent. I embraced the opportunity to spend the holidays with family in Florida to the fullest. I sunned on the beach without sunscreen for maximum bronzing effect, I snacked on key lime pie until a small paunch began to show itself just above my bikini bottoms, and I drank just a little too much wine and champagne (Happy New Year!). 

Now that I am plopped down in my seat on the plane back to Nashville, the time has come for cheat days to end. To be honest, I'm ready for the structure of "real life" to return. Are you? 

While I was sunning on the gulf-side, others were actually hard at work. If you've been wrapped up in the holidays over the past week or two, here's what has happened in recent medical news. 

Actress Lindsay Lohan isn't having such a great holiday. The celeb contracted mosquito-borne chikungunya virus on her recent trip to French Polynesia. Most chikungunya sufferers recover in about a week according to the CDC. 

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This guy found a piece of his T-bird inside his body 51 years after crashing it. This week, doctors found and removed the car's 7-inch turn signal lever from his arm. 

New research shows that people with blue eyes have a single, common ancestor. According to scientists, a nearly 10,000 year old genetic mutation is responsible for the eye color of all blue-eyed humans on the planet today. 

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New research says most types of cancer are simply a result of bad luck. Genetics and risky lifestyles don't play as much of a role as you might think. Cancers explained by biological bad luck in the study include pancreatic, leukemia, bone, testicular, ovarian and brain cancers. 

Speaking of tumors, a 19-year-old girl in Poland woke up during cancer-removing brain surgery asking doctors "How's it going?". Doctors say she didn't feel anything and wasn't in any danger. 

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Is it nature, or nurture? Researchers say the year you were born has an influence on your genetic risk for obesity- even within the same family. They suspect environmental factors are responsible for the differences and are working to identify specific influences. 

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Happy New Year! Have a fabulous final holiday weekend!