Medical Week in Review 12.12.14

I'm particularly excited for my trip to NYC this afternoon. I haven't visited the city since Christmas decorations were hung and I'm anxious to take in the scene. On my last trip, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree was hidden in scaffolding. Today, I will see it lights twinkling! Now if only it would snow... If you've missed the news this week, here are a few more interesting medical stories. 

New technology helps the color blind watch TV. For the colorblind, watching TV can be challenging as objects often blend together. Company Spectral Edge is now making image enhancement technology allowing the colorblind to see their favorite shows better. 

The "Ebola Nurse" wants everyone to stop calling her the Ebola nurse

Don't worry, be happy- just go to bed earlier. New research shows that people who sleep for shorter periods of time and/or go to be very late at night are more overwhelmed with negative thoughts than those who keep more regular sleeping hours. 

The secrets of the 10 healthiest states in America

Debunking vaccine myths may have an unintended effect. While education reduced misbelief in vaccines in a recent study it also reduced the likelihood that people uneasy about the vaccine would plan to get it. "People's minds aren't easily changed" say researchers. 

4 health excuses to stay sober at your holiday party.

The FDA is changing the way it labels medications and their risks to pregnant and breast-feeding women. Say goodbye to the old A, B, C, D and X system. 

A new review sheds light on antibiotic dosing recommendations for obese patients. Drug pharmacokinetics are commonly evaluated in normal weight individuals, so obese individuals may need higher doses of antibiotics. Under-dosing can lead to poor outcomes. 

I am not a "provider". One physician explains his distaste for the catchall term.

Selling your breast milk to pay for Christmas presents may not be a good idea. Breast milk sold online carries the risk of bacterial contamination and can also transmit diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

What your job says about your sex life- according to totally unscientific research. 


Have a wonderful weekend!