Medical Week in Review 1.16.15

Good Friday morning! My running partner cancelled our jog this morning so I am capitalizing on the opportunity to remain in my sweatpants and enjoy an extra cup of coffee. Ahhh.... I love an excuse to bundle up indoors on a chilly day. With my weekend free from hospital duties I plan to continue the stay-in-for-winter mentality with a rousing family rematch of board game Settlers of Catan. We're calling it "Cab and Catan Night" because, well, there will be wine (and any event sounds cooler with a title). What are you up to this weekend?

In true Friday fashion, here are this week's latest health news bits (on the lighter side).

19 Taylor Swift lyrics that perfectly describe having the flu

This is definitely the coolest way to tell if your breath is smelly. Breathometer's new gadget works by detecting volatile compounds in your breath. The portable device connects to your phone and monitors hydration, too. 

A new study finds that selfie-posing men have 'antisocial traits'. Guys who posted more photos of themselves than others in their study group score higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy. Women were not included in the study. 

Can't find your keys? Closing your eyes could help you remember. Shutting your eyes frees up brain power to focus on the task at hand. This is why police encourage witnesses to use this technique during questioning. 

Is the cost of produce breaking your grocery budget? Here are 6 cheap winter superfoods to try now. 

Those 12 hour shifts could be causing you to hit the bottle. A new study finds that those who work longer hours drink more. Individuals working under 35 to 40 hours per week are less likely to engage in risky drinking behaviors. 

Here's how to get kids to eat 54% more vegetables

12 athletes embark today on a more than 3,000 mile run across the United States. They will complete a marathon a day, every day, for the next four and a half months. The runners will be accompanied by scientists who hope to capitalize on this opportunity to study the impact of ultra-endurance sports on the body.

This woman is fighting chronic illness with makeup and some seriously great selfies


Have a wonderful weekend!