Medical Week in Review 11.21.14

Welcome to the weekend! Just a few more hours left in the work day then I'm off to enjoy the evening. Tonight my husband and I will be joining friends for an Italian feast(!) then the rest of the weekend is TBD. Perhaps we'll go camping, or maybe sit on the couch all day watching movies. Whatever we decide, the best part is it will be in the moment! What do you have planned? If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting medical news happenings. 

Have you seen ZDoggMD's newest video? "I've got friends with low platelets", a rendition of the famous Garth Brooks song "I've got friends in low places" will leave you in stitches.

Air-blowing hand dryers in restrooms may spread more germs than paper towels according to a new study. Bacteria spread by dryers in the study could be detected in the air for up to 15 minutes after use. 

Could depression actually be a form of infectious disease? One psychologist thinks so. Dr. Turhan Canli suggests that major depressive disorder may result from parasitic, bacterial, or viral infection and illustrates the pathways that could make this possible. 

Me, myself and the loo- a woman's future can rest on a toilet in some countries. 

A new website ranks the healthiest fast food chains. The best choice for your next quick meal? Au Bon Pain, Subway, or Breugger's Bagels. The website also gives each menu item a "run score" corresponding to the number of hours one would have to run to burn off the calories in each menu item. 

Would you take a pill to make you smell like peaches...down there? Two male entrepreneurs launch a probiotic supplement that alters women's natural scent. 

A new study reveals the best career for your brain. The research shows that intellectually complex jobs, such as that of a social worker, a graphic designer, or an architect are associated with better thinking skills later in life. Authors of the study say the findings are consistent with the theory "use it or lose it". 

18 mustache photos that remind us what 'Movember' is all about. 

Could going off the pill affect who you're attracted to? New research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science shows that women who marry a man who is not conventionally attractive then go off the pill are more bothered by their husband's level of attractiveness than before. Scientists think the change may be a result of fluctuating estrogen levels. 

Willy Burgdorfer, the medical entomologist who in 1982 identified the bacteria causing Lyme disease, dies at 89. Until his famous ID, Lyme disease disease was a mysterious affliction. 

Just one 10 seocond kiss transfers 80 million bacteria

Behind the writing on the stalls. A new psychological study looks at why people scribble on bathroom walls- other than, you know, for fun. 

Have a wonderful weekend!