Medical Week in Review 10.3.14

Hooray! The weekend is here! Well, almost, anyway. Just a few more hours until most of us will brave the Friday afternoon traffic with the promise that two whole days of rest await. On my schedule for this weekend? I plan on a little downtime to recuperate from a busy week and possibly even a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate fall's arrival- after I rake the leaves beginning to pile up on my lawn, that is. If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's medical news on the lighter side. 

Facebook is taking a leap into healthcare. The company is exploring the idea of creating "support communities" to connect users suffering from various ailments. The social media giant is also looking into introducing apps to help people improve health and wellness. Now we can make our lives even more public with social media herpes support groups...

Don't drink the (warm) water says a new study. Consuming water from plastic bottles that have been sitting in a warm environment could increase BPA levels. Guess that case I've been carting around in the back of my car it out.

Norway is the best place to grow old

New app helps parents detect neonatal jaundice. The Bilicam uses a smartphone camera and a small calibration card to detect skin discoloration. If left undetected, jaundice can lead to kernicterus and brain damage. 

Nerds want muscles too! Nerd fitness, a web-based company uses video games and superhero analogies to promote health. Nerd fitness fanatics say "Game of Thrones" combat training and lectures like "Building Your Batcave", a lesson on healthy eating, do the trick when it comes to slimming down. 

What a healthy snack looks like around the world. I'll take one of each, please.

Can sense of smell predict impending death? Researchers think so. In a recent study, participants with the most trouble picking up scents were more likely to die within five years. The inability to smell is not a cause of death, of course, but scientists say it may be "the canary in the coal mine of human health". Keep those noses in good working order, people. 

Could an ingestible pill with tiny needles be the new form of vaccination? Sounds worse than a shot to me. 

Bro alert- too much booze could be harming your sperm. New research shows the more guys drink, the lower their sperm count. The good- this could revolutionize research into a male form of birth control. The bad- if you want a baby, you'd better sober up. 


Have a fabulous fall weekend!