Medical News NPs Can Use 9.5.15

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you have plans to grill out, relax, and enjoy some sort of body of water. I've got friends and family in town, a seat reserved by the pool and a sure to make your mouth water BBQ menu lined up for the afternoon. If you don't have quite enough activities planned to fill your 3-day extravaganza, check out this week's medical news nurse practitioners can use. 

"Super" lice a concern as kids return to school. The critters are becoming increasingly resistant to common louse-killing drugs. Time for parents to start inspecting scalps. 

Got employees? This year, you're going to need to distribute more than a W-2. Employers must now file a sort of healthcare W-2 for each employee. Here's what you need to know about President Obama's 'Healthcare W-2'. 

New Bluetooth device continuously monitors blood sugar and delivers results directly to a smartphone. The tech gadget recently achieved FDA approval. 

A recent study shows what parents have known for decades-getting enough sleep helps avoid illness. People who sleep six hours a night or less are four times more likely to catch a cold compared to those who spend more than seven hours a night catching zzzzz's. 

In other sleep news, musician Max Richter explains his Sleep album. The classical composition was created in collaboration with a neuroscientist in hopes it will help listeners fall asleep. 

Cholesterol problems? Check out these vegan and vegetarian recipes for your Labor Day cookout

What diseases can you get from a water fountain? Bottom line-the water and spout are overall safe but avoid licking the bowl of the fountain. Users tend to spit before taking a sip. 

Harvard study says leadership potential in the workplace can be predicted by hormones. Scientists found that men with the highest levels of testosterone and low Cortisol had the most employees. Stressed guys with high testosterone and high Cortisol had the fewer employees. 

Time to let go. Children of warmer, less controlling parents grow up to be happier


Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!