Medical News NPs Can Use 9.25.15

I have to be honest. I hate working in the hospital over the weekend. The energy of Friday seems to pervade the coffee shop where I sit to work on my laptop in the afternoon. Friday's rhythm flows just a little differently than other weekdays in anticipation of the weekend to come. For everyone but me, that is. Rather, I'm strapped with the dread of the realization that I'll be staying up all night. Not because I'm enjoying one too many adult beverages, but because I am working in the emergency department. Such is the NP life!

I can't complain too much, however. It should be noted that I've enjoyed the past 3 days off with complete freedom while the rest of the working world was stuck in a cubicle. I think I come out ahead. What are you up to this weekend? To kick off this Friday afternoon, check out this week's medical news NPs can use. 

Hipsters beware. Sporting a 'man bun' may cause premature baldness. The trendy 'do may result in a condition known as traction alopecia, hair loss as a result of putting too much pressure on hair follicles. 

What happens to your body one hour after eating a Big Mac? This infographic tells the tale

Rising health insurance deductibles are taking a bigger bite out of family budgets. Increasing out-of-pocket costs for patients are likely to affect the way you practice. 

The CDC says that 10% of pregnant women drink alcohol. Surprisingly, older, more educated women are the most likely to imbibe. The data doesn't explain why this is the case. Higher discretionary income is suspected to come into play. 

Congratulations, you have your own personal germ cloud. Every hour you shed one million bacteria, viruses, spores and more into the air around you. And now, scientists can identify you by this cloud of yuck. A new study shows that your microbial mark is as unique as your fingerprint. 

Can't swallow a pill? There's help for that. This article lists a few methods for conquering tablet taking troubles. 

Not surprisingly, research shows that living near trees is good for your health. Specifically, scientists found that having 10 or more trees in a city block improves health perception. 

What's your take on 'The View' vs. Miss Colorado controversy


Have a happy weekend!