Medical News NPs Can Use 8.7.15

Our family summer vacation at the lake is officially coming to an end. A week of sunshine, sailboats, and hand-dipped ice cream has provided a much needed reprieve from my daily routine. And, I have to say, quite a nice tan. Just don't tell my dermatologist.  Tomorrow I will make the 10 hour drive back to Nashville, two dogs in tow, with one day left to unpack and get back in gear before a busy week begins. How is your summer winding down? 

If you could use a little R&R this weekend, start by checking out the week's more interesting medical news. 

Fat water is now a thing. A new bottled water product mixed with oil has hit the marketplace. Here's the science behind the new trend

On Yelp, doctors get rated just like restaurants. And, they hate it. But, perhaps medical providers should embrace the inevitability of online rankings. Overall, healthcare providers fare better on Yelp than other types of businesses reviewed. 

Man's tattoo supporting his deaf daughter goes viral

The little-known eating disorder that may be going undetected. Legal body-building supplements are being increasingly misused. Do you question your patients about use of over-the-counter supplements?

The secret to choosing the right running shoes revealed. And, it's more simple than you might think. 

'Start high and go low' is the new dosing strategy advised for the treatment of chronic insomnia. In a small study, patients who started on higher doses of medication to induce sleep, then transitioned to lower doses once sleep improved got better zzz's than those using the traditional 'start low and go slow' approach.

Pioneer of the PET scan, Louis Sokoloff, dies at age 93. Sokoloff created the technology to trace brain activity in an effort to detect and manage brain disorders.

New study shows that picky childhood eaters are more likely to display psychiatric impairment later in life. As selective eating worsened on the spectrum, psychiatric symptoms became more severe. 

Looking to extend your lifespan? Eat spicy food. A new study suggests that frequent consumption of spicy food is associated with a lower risk of death. 

Smooth new accu-check connect wireless glucometry system for parents makes keeping track of diabetic kids a breeze. Parents can monitor a child's blood glucose without nagging using the new technology. 

Looking to have a healthy weekend? Lunch on my favorite healthy salad recipes.

Have a fantastic weekend!