Medical News NPs Can Use 8.28.15

The weekend has arrived! Well, okay, not quite yet. The thing I am most excited for? A full night of uninterrupted sleep...sweet, sweet sleep. As anticlimactic as it may seem, I can tell my body could stand to catch some extra zzz's and noncompliance will leave me intolerable. So, for the good of my friends and family I will fit in a solid 8 to 10 hours of shut-eye tonight. What are you up to this weekend? If you find yourself with some free time, check out this week's more interesting happenings in medical news. 

Only a third of psych studies are reliable...says a new study. Researchers repeated 100 experiments published in reliable journals finding results replicable in just 36% of cases. According to authors, conclusions based on a single study aren't necessarily true...or false. 

Breast may be touted as 'best', but breastfed infants are still exposed to toxic chemicals. Research reveals breastfed infants have increased risk for exposure to PFASs, chemicals added to clothing, food packaging and other products to make them resistant to water. 

One advocacy group offers guidelines to lessen the pain of vaccinations. Here are a few of their methods for taking the sting out of vaccines

Shorter women have shorter pregnancies. Investigators in a recent study found that shorter mothers also have smaller babies and a higher risk of preterm birth. 

How fentanyl became a street drug. The powerful painkiller is being increasingly used to cut heroin resulting in a deadly combination. Euphoria hits a lot faster with the combo but also increases risk of respiratory depression and overdose death. 

Insulin costs have risen exponentially. The price of the diabetes med has increased between 284% and 455% depending on the formulation from 1991 to 2014, largely a result of lack of market competition. 

Moms, coaches and medical providers nag student athletes to stay hydrated during sweaty summer and fall practice sessions. But, the consequences of over-hydration are real

A nurse practitioner-authored article on physician blog KevinMD calls for NPs to be held accountable for payments received from pharmaceutical companies. Kickback data for doctors is published online, but the public is left in the dark when it comes to payments from drug manufacturers made to nurse practitioners.

Have a restful weekend!