Medical News NPs Can Use 7.10.15

It's going to be a good old fashioned summertime kind of weekend here in Nashville. 90+ degree heat, check. Plans to lay out by the pool, check. Ice cream in the freezer, check. Sunscreen and aloe on hand, you bet. What do you have on the schedule this weekend? If you could use some reading material for your downtime, check out this week's medical news nurse practitioners can use. 

A new smartphone app helps diagnose retinal disease. While the handy app is not designed to replace ophthalmologists, it is intended to help general practitioners give a more in depth screening for eye disease. 

The assisted suicide debate is heating up as a bill approving doctor-assisted suicide passed in the California senate last month. The practice is also legal in Oregon. Here's a quick overview of the basics

Patients are traveling this summer with some trekking to great heights. Planning ahead is key in the prevention of altitude sickness and as a nurse practitioner you can help. This overview of altitude sickness and prevention is a great way to get started. 

Here's how a newborn baby sees you

Since 1970, the overall death rate related to colorectal cancer has been falling in America. But, three major colon cancer hot spots remain. Providers practicing in these areas, take note. 

The use of antidepressants during pregnancy has been a topic of discussion in recent years. A new study shows that birth defects occur 2 to 3.5 times more frequently in women taking SSRIs early in pregnancy. 

Incidental findings-do the benefits of follow up exceed the harms?

Consumption of citrus fruits is associated with malignant melanoma according to a recent study. Psoralen, a natural compound found in citrus, has been demonstrated to have photocarcinogenic properties. Is it time for the fair-skinned to lay off grapefruit?

Eye color may be linked to risk for alcohol dependency. New research suggests that individuals with lighter eyes are more likely to imbibe in excess than their dark-eyed counterparts. 

Have a relaxing weekend!