Medical News NPs Can Use 6.19.15

Happy Friday! I am thrilled that the weekend is finally here and am looking forward to some rest and relaxation...and perhaps seeing the new Jurassic Park movie at the drive-in theater. What are your plans for the weekend? If you could use some reading material to fill your downtime for the next few days, check out this week's news NPs can use. 

Nearly 193,000 people die as a result of injuries in the United States each year. A new report shows the rate of death from injuries in each state. How does your state rank?

When should surgeons stop operating? Airline pilots are required to retire at 65 and some firefighters must step down at 57, but there are no age-related guidelines to ensure that aging doctors do their jobs safely. The American Medical Association is taking steps to change that. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has updated breast cancer screening guidelines. Check out this Q&A about the risks and benefits of mammography

Do statin medications cause memory impairment? A new study shows the purported link between popular lipid lowering medications and memory may simply be a result of flawed research. 

The FDA is requiring food manufacturers to eliminate the use of trans fats in three years. Here's what you need to know about trans fats and their effect on health. 

Does linking provider payment to patient satisfaction harm or help? One nurse shares her thoughts on the issue. This one's a must read. 

Looking to lose, or at least maintain, your weight? A recent study published in the Journal of Obesity suggests that a daily weigh in can help. Self-monitoring with nothing more than a scale and a spreadsheet helped study participants shed unwanted pounds. Interestingly, the tactic is more effective in men than women. 

Wearable devices are the newest defense against sunburn. A new device sensing UV light called JUNE may be donned as a brooch or bracelet and monitors sun exposure throughout the day. JUNE pairs with an app which produces daily "sun dose" reports.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Yes, a 68 year old super healthy patient of mine died this past Friday on a head on collision here in central Ohio. Your study on statins is FALSE, it is a proven fact that statins by nature of their mechanism of action strip Co Q10 from cells which in turn can lead to dementia. Big pharma has deep pockets, can’t trust studies anymore. Happy Monday fellow NPs!