Medical News NPs Can Use 10.9.15

I skipped last week's medical news recap becasue, well, I was having too much fun! Our friends stationed in London had a baby recently so naturally my husband and I used the occasion as an excuse for a jaunt across the Atlantic. We followed a few days in London with two days in Paris and had the time of our lives. We sipped champagne in streetside cafes watching the Eiffel Tower lights glitter at night. Late night we played board games - he's the chess champ and I conquered in Scrabble. When daily life gets busy, there's nothing better than taing some couple time away. But, now, we're back to the (not so bad!) grind in Nashville. So, here's this week's medical news recap. 

Could this be the worst nurse practitioner job on the planet? 

Antioxidant supplements, regarded for their cancer-fighting properties, may actually accelerate melanoma spread. The new study is part of a growing body of research that indicates taking antioxidants may be a double-edged sword

Asking yourself this simple question may be effective at predicting which patients with cancer are nearing end of life. 

Why are firstborn children more likely to be nearsighted? Parental efforts at educational exposure tend to be directed more towards firstborn kids resulting in myopia later in life. 

Soldiers in uniform pose to 'normalize' breastfeeding. Military moms say that while 'breast is best' the hypermasculine culture of the military doesn't always lend itself to the act. 

Fitness tracker maker Jawbone is in the process of creating a health sensor you can swallow. The company says that wearing fitness trackers can be inconvenient. So, the future of health tracking lies in ingesting devices that 'pass through you' or live in the bloodstream. I won't be an early adopter...

Struck by a macaw? There's a medical diagnosis for that. If you're frustrated with the ICD-10 release, check out this book, ICD-10 Illustrated, for a laugh. 

7 Halloween candies with scary-long ingredient lists

Honing in on the runner's high. It turns out endorphins may be getting too much credit for the euphoria felt after a workout. The body's own endocannabinoids, chemicals that, like marijuana, lighten mood are more significant contributors. 

How agriculture controls nutrition guidelines. Health isn't the only concern when it comes to official dietary recommendations. 

Coffee time! How caffeine shifts our circadian clocks

Have a fabulous weekend!