Medical News NPs Can Use 10.30.15

Happy Friday, friends! How are your Halloween plans coming along? I hope you've got costumes coordinated and candy galore all set for tomorrow's holiday. While I'm not a Halloween fanatic, I do plan to dress up for the occasion and have, of course, already begun eating candy in excess. Cheat week? More like cheat month... If you find yourself with some free time between trick-or-treaters, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

Will the first human head transplant be a success? Italian neuroscientist, Dr. Sergio Canavero, plans to attempt the procedure in 2017 alongside a team of Chinese surgeons. The surgery will take about 150 surgeons and 36 hours to complete. The cost? A cool $11 million. 

It's Halloween weekend! Did you know you were only born with two innate fears? Hint - ghosts aren't one of them. 

Have high cholesterol? You might want to mask-up this winter. New research indicates that the flu vaccine may be weakened by statin use. Further studies are needed to corroborate these findings.

Do you have to be nuts to run for president? Psychiatrists diagnose the urge to run for office.

The 20lb. cereal box. Over 200 American kitchens were photographed to determine if the food sitting out on counters could predict the weight of the woman living in each home. Women who had breakfast cereal on the counter weighed on average 20 pounds more than their neighbors. 

Did you know that there are a decrease in the number of heart attacks around daylight savings time? An extra hour of sleep seems to do the body good.  

The 'pinkification' that occurs each October in support of breast cancer awareness may have gone too far. Breast cancer supporters, survivors and researchers are growing disenchanted with the movement saying it does nothing to actually help with the breast cancer problem. 

A new study finds a more accurate way to predict a woman's due date

What's the #TealPumpkinProject all about? Homes placing a teal-painted pumpkin out front are allergy-friendly zones for kids. Children with special dietary needs can expect to find nut-free and wheat-free candy options or other non-food treats like bracelets and glow sticks at these doorsteps.

Have a spooky weekend!