Join Me on My CME Vacation!

My employer offers a generous Continuing Medical Education (CME) allowance.  Each year, I anticipate my free (and educational...) vacation, religiously maximizing my CME spending.  This year is no different.

Six months ago, I began to scour the internet for the perfect CME experience.  I needed a conference that would provide emergency medical education, a requirement of my employer, and that would take me to the sweetest geographical location possible, my requirement.  No convention centers, thank you very much.  After crafting multiple spreadsheets and hours of consultation I settled on... The Canary Islands!

An in-flight movie and stale pretzels followed by 10mg of Ambien, a neck pillow and an eye-mask have taken me 17 hours and 3 flights away from my hometown.  I have finally arrived in Malaga, Spain onboard Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas cruise ship.  Anticipating loads of fun alongside a little learning, I have high hopes for my CME experience this week.  I cannot wait to share with you my travels and medical education.  So, stay tuned for some exciting updates on my adventure over the next 10 days.

Have you been on a recent CME vacation?  What were your favorites conferences or locations?