Join Me at ACEP 2013!

This year, I've saved my continuing education budget all the way until October to attend the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) conference.  I've heard coworkers talk about this amazing annual conference, a chance to learn and connect with others working in the ER, so this year I decided to see for myself.

Last night I arrived in my hometown Seattle and, first things first, hit up my favorite pizza joint.  After a slice, or five, of tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella my husband and I ventured to our hotel for a luxurious night's sleep.  Bright eyed and ready to go, I'm wide awake at 5am and can't wait for my first ACEP class this morning.  I plan to hit the gym then catch the shuttle for a day filled with learning from the medicine's top experts.  On the agenda today are courses like "Oh My Aching Head: High Risk Neuro" and "Back Pain: Cases You Simply Cannot Miss".

My goals for ACEP 2013 are to brush up my emergency medicine knowledge and mingle with fellow ER NPs, PAs and MD's.  As I do with every continuing education conference I attend, I focus my course content on areas I feel the weakest in my practice.  So, this week I have signed up for a few opthalmology related classes as well as some in neurology.  I've also selected a few courses in trauma as my hospital is currently in the process of becoming a certified trauma center.  

Of course, I plan to share my latest facts, tips and tricks with readers, so stay tuned for updates from ACEP 2013!