It's a MyMidlevelU Launch Party Dansko Giveaway!

Have you logged in to the new MyMidlevelU message boards yet? If not, check them out and post a comment with your most pressing nurse practitioner related questions, comments and concerns! Here at MidlevelU HQ we're up early this morning, unable to contain our excitement about the site's new features. And, to celebrate our upgrade we've partnered with nursing fashion favorite, Dansko. 

MidlevelU's not the only one with something new going on this fall. Dansko, (maker of our favorite healthcare footwear, we might add), has released some fabulous new additions to their line of clogs. The Patent Leather Clog Collection has some new faces this season. Among our favorites are the Pewter Patent Clogs, an oh-so-sleek take on Dansko's loved nursing shoe, and the Bubbles Patent Leather Clog, a more playful pick. 

Not only do Dansko's new clog additions take traditional healthcare footwear up a notch, they retain the comfort and quality healthcare providers have come to expect from the company. Retailing at around $135, Dansko's clogs aren't cheap. But, we can personally attest they last for years!

To celebrate the launch of MyMidlevelU, Dansko is giving away a pair of clogs from their new Pewter Patent line to one lucky MidlevelU reader! To enter, simply post a comment below or e-mail by Wednesday, September 17th with the reason you could use some new healthcare footwear. 

Don't forget to check out MyMidlevelU and post a comment on our new message boards!



I love Danskos! I have worn out my other pair as a staff nurse and now am looking to add a new pair as I start my new job as a FNP!

Tamara Losee

These are too cute!!! So comfy!

Olivia D

I love midlevel u. You give us a great image. I like the posts and seeing you on fox news.

janet pemberton

I love Dansko clogs. I have worn them for over 10 years! I will not wear any other professional clog! I even bought some for my 2 year old daughter. She loves them, and of course they are pink. I would love a new pair. I am in graduate school and could use a new pair!


Dansko clogs have been my go to shoe for many years. I've put a lot of miles on my feet & they've always been a comfortable shoe.


Why not wear something comfortable, right?


I wear my Danskos every shift and I've never heard anything other than great things from all the other nurses I work with! Congratulations on the launch on the message boards. MidlevelU has been irreplaceable in my research of a good fit for NP school, I can't thank you enough!

Meredith Kaiser

Would love to have comfy shoes!


I have been working in an ER since 2005, first as a paramedic/ER tech, then as an ER RN since 2008. I have been an enthusiastic and vocal fan of Danskos for almost 10 years. But I have also been an Army ER RN since 2011, and as such, I am forced to wear Army boots for my 12-hour shifts. My feet have been so sad and missing wearing Danskos! After 1 July 2015, I will be getting out of the Army and I will be returning to civilian ER nursing once again. Oddly, I am very much looking forward to wearing actual scrubs and Danskos! And wouldn't it be lovely to celebrate this return to the civilian world by having a new pair of Danskos? Thank you for your consideration. :)

Lisa Dukes

Oh Danskos, How I dream of thee....

I am a first semester MEPN student surviving the madness of long class, clinic and simulation lab hours--and Danskos on my feet would make me ever-so-happy (and my back would thank them every minute)!

Francesca Mueller