Introducing the New and Improved MidlevelU eBook!

Drumroll please....

Hello, there! You may or may not have noticed lately that new MidlevelU blog posts haven't been appearing quite as frequently as usual. No, I haven't been away on an exotic vacation or sleeping away my weekends. I've been working long hours on an update to MidlevelU's Career Advisor eBook...or should I say eBooks?

To introduce MidlevelU's new eBook series, I think a little F.A.Q. session is in order. 

Wait. Did you say eBooks?

Yes, you read correctly. Rather than one eBook, MidlevelU now offers an 8-week eBook series. When you sign up to receive our free eBook series, one eBook will be delivered to your inbox each week for the next 8 weeks. 

What will I find in MidlevelU's eBook series?

MidlevelU's Career Advisor eBook series discusses the following topics related to the nurse practitioner and physician assistant job search process:

  1. Overview of the Career Advisor Program - Getting your job search started with MidlevelU
  2. Resume Rundown - Does your CV make the mark?
  3. Kicking Off Your Job Search - Get your boots on...
  4. Solving the New Grad Problem - Yeah, it's a problem
  5. Preparing for Your Job Interview - A little work goes a long way
  6. Evaluating an Employment Agreement - In a business savvy manner
  7. The Onboarding & Exit Process - Start a new job and leave the one you have
  8. Fighting for a Position in a Difficult Job Market - Job search combat is in order

That sounds helpful, but I could really use information about these topics now

We thought you might say that. In anticipation of nurse practitioners and physician assistants with more urgent needs when it comes to job search help, each time an eBook is delivered to your inbox, you'll also have the opportunity to peek ahead or look back at previous eBook content.

Let's talk money. How much is MidlevelU's Career Advisor eBook series going to cost me?

Nothing. Nada. Nil. Yep, the eBook series is 100% free for nurse practitioners and physician assistants. All we ask is that you keep the MidlevelU Career Advisor Program and the MidlevelU Job Board in mind for your future job search needs (which you totally would anyway, right?).

Sounds good. How do I get my copy?

To have the new and improved MidlevelU eBook series delivered to your inbox, simply share your email address and the Career Advisor team will deliver your first eBook STAT. If your eBook seems to be missing, check your 'promotions' or 'spam' folder. Sometimes our deliveries get a little off course. 


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