Have You Heard of the American Nurse Project?

If there's one thing I love, it's inspirational stories.  Whether they be from athletes, visionaries or career-minded individuals, tales of overcoming adversity offer encouragement and motivation for my all to normal life.  Filmmaker Carolyn Jones is currently crafting such a touching piece, a full length documentary featuring nurses.  With the American Nurse Project, Carolyn inspires and uplifts others as she explores and photographs the lives of nurses across America.

Carolyn Jone's book, The American Nurse features portraits and descriptions of more than 75 nurses and their unique journeys.  Prepare to get teary eyed as you read about individuals like Venus Anderson who became a flight nurse after her own father was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Venus now makes the trauma experience as comfortable as possible for both victims and their families.  From nurses caring for coal miners in Kentucky to those treating our wounded military members in California, The American Nurse profiles just a few of the individuals that make our profession so great.  

Carolyn Jones is compiling profiles of six nurses in a full-length feature documentary due out in 2014.  I can't wait to hear the full stories behind nurses like Sister Stephen.  One day Sister Stephen brought a baby goat into the nursing home where she is director.  Her plan was to provide animal therapy to residents while also offering a fun attraction for visiting family members making the nursing home a desirable place to visit.  The Villa Loretto Nursing Home is now filled with a menagerie of animals from cows and sheep to llamas and monkeys.  

The American Nurse promises to inspire both current and practicing nurses and nurse practitioners giving others a glimpse into the lives of some extraordinary individuals.  While Carolyn Jones' work offers insight into the live of just a few individuals, it gives due recognition to the nursing profession as a whole. 

Want to know more about The American Nurse Project?  Check out this PBS News Special discussing the project.

Do you have an inspirational or touching story from your life as a nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant?  Share by posting a comment!


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