Happy Nurse's Week + Summer Scrub Giveaway!

Happy Nurse's Week 2013!  I have been anticipating this week for a very long time.  What better way to spend a week than celebrating nurses?  After all, we are the best.  This week on MidlevelU we've got multiple giveaways, guest posts and more!  So, stay tuned for exciting Nurse's Week events.

To kick off the week, I wanted to start with a bang, a gesture of appreciation to all nurses, from RN's and BSN's to NP's and CRNA's.  So, I was elated when Blue Sky Co. agreed to participate in a scrub giveaway for one lucky reader.

Looking for some new scrubs for summer?  Look no further than Blue Sky Co.  Their scrubs are super comfy and perfect for summertime.  They allow room for movement and the light fabric works wonderfully for warmer weather.  I've had my Blue Sky Co. scrubs for some time now and they hold up well in the wash maintaining their color and better yet come out of the dryer wrinkle free.  Contrast stitching gives these scrubs just a little something extra allowing me to feel stylish on the job.

Keeping with this summer's bright fashion trends, Blue Sky has released a new line of summer scrubs to brighten your wardrobe.  Colors like 'Sun-Kissed Scarlet' and 'Marisol Gold' are sure to add some sunshine your work day.  I plan to try a sort of color-blocking style with these bright hues, wearing a different color scrub top and bottom of similar but not matching shades.

How can you score a set of Blue Sky's fashionable scrubs?  Win one right here, of course!  Simply e-mail me at erin.tolbert@midlevelu.com.  Let me know either the most exciting thing you have planned for this summer or why you want to win a new set of scrubs.  One lucky winner will recieve an $80 gift card to spend at blueskyscrubs.com.

Happy Nurse's Week!


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Note: I was not compensated for this promotion.  


Congrats to our Blue Sky Co. giveaway winner Ron.  Who can beat spending a summer with brand new twins?!

If you didn't win, keep checking back for the chance to win in one of our other giveaways later this week.

Erin Tolbert

I am planning on taking a much needed 2 weeks off from my job in the CCU and heading to France and Italy before starting my FNP program in the Fall.


The most exciting thing I plan to do this summer is head over to the beautiful, blue, clear water of Lake Michigan in South Haven, MI for a couple days of camping. Hot dogs, smokes and locally made ice cream will be on the menu. In between swimming, biking, hiking, mini-golfing, I intend to study for the 9 credits I will be taking as I continue my journey towards my FNP degree next May.


My wife had twins 3 days before finals! I working a NICU internship because of them, I think I found my field and spending time with them.

Ron Elsenheimer

Ron Elsenheimer