Happy Nurses Week + FIGS Giveaway

Happy Nurses Week! It's time for us as nurse practitioners to soak up a little praise and get fat on goodies brought to our desks by our bosses. It doesn't get any better than a mid-afternoon cupcake loaded with frosting. Use the occasion as an excuse to pamper yourself outside of the clinic as well. I, for one, am contemplating getting a foot massage in the coming days. There's no better treat with a career on your feet. 

Here at MidlevelU, we want to show some love to you all as well and have a few giveaways lined up in honor of the hard work you've put into your career. We're starting with a MidlevelU favorite, FIGS scrubs

I recently accepted a new PRN position (more on this to come). The required attire for my new job is navy scrubs. Being that my primary employer requests that providers wear black scrubs, I found myself in a wardrobe pinch. So, a few days ago I hit the internet to order new workwear. When I hit up the FIGS website I was gravely disappointed. My go-to, classic scrub style was no longer available. The company had changed their fabric and cut. 

I opted to order two sets of FIGS' new style offerings anticipating a likely return would be in order. Or, at least, that these new sets of scrubs would be the least favorite in my closet. My old FIGS were just too comfortable. I was sure they couldn't be beat. My FIGS package arrived within 48 hours of my order in plenty of time for my first shift. I tore open the package and eyed the changed fabric with suspicion. I decided to try on my purchase. Pulling on the now elastic waistband which on my old faves was a drawstring alone, I was pleasantly surprised. The pants were fitted but comfortable. They were roomy, but afforded a cleaner, tailored look. 

I threw on the top noticing as I shimmied it over my shoulders that FIGS had opted for a more fitted style for scrub tops as well. Then, I looked in the mirror. So. Much. Better. I was shocked at how much nicer I looked wearing FIGS fresh style and fabric. The look was simple, clean, and flattering. My only disappointment? I may now have to replace my black go-to sets as well. 

FIGS offers technical, comfortable scrubs in a variety of styles perfect for nurses and NPs in a variety of settings. I've had my FIGS originals for years and the color holds up well in the wash leaving them looking new after months and months of wear. Better yet, FIGS new fabric integrates antimicrobial washes kepping the stink of healthcare out of your laundry basket. 

In honor of nurses week, FIGS is giving away a set of scrubs to a MidlevelU reader! Enter to win by emailing giveaways@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use a new set of scrubs. We look forward to reviewing your entries. 

Happy Nurses Week!



I am new to the ER and new to learning the world of Figs. After hearing nothing but wonderful remarks about their scrubs, I would love to try them. I am recently a new grad, new wife, new puppy mom, new renter to our new home, and new to nursing. I would love to receive a pair of figs to add that to my new things list and be able to promote them like they promote nursing