Happy Nurses Week + Arvo Watch Giveaway

Happy nurses week (again) to you all! I hope you have been appropriately recognized and are taking full advantage of the occasion. Here at MidlevelU we're at it again with another giveaway in honor of our profession. Today, we bring you Arvo watches. 

I'm always looking for ways to dress up my scrubs. Whether it be by wearing a fun pair of socks, donning a subtle yet stylish necklace, or strapping on one of my go-to chunky watches, my scrubs can always use a little something extra. Recently, I was alerted to the existence of Arvo watches. Arvo has adopted a clean, minimalist style perfect for wearing to work. The watch is light and the leather band comfortable enough to make it through during a 12-hour shift. 

Arvo watches come in a wide variety of styles. Mix and match black, brown, and tan straps with a gold, white, black, or rose colored face to create a watch to your liking. While a wide selection of style offerings certainly makes Arvo stand out, the best thing about the product is the price tag. Selling at around the $55 mark, these watches are a low-risk pick for wearing to work. Better yet, you can now get 20% off your Arvo order by using the coupon code MIDLEVELU. 

To celebrate nurses week, we're giving away an Arvo watch to one MidlevelU reader. Enter to win by emailing giveaways@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use a watch to style up your work wardrobe.


Happy Nurses Week!



Necklaces get in the way... I watch would be the way to spruce up my appearance !

Marie Stocker

Watch looks nice.

stella duru

I became a registered nurse at age 39, and a nurse practitioner on my 50th birthday, 5/30/97 (which was the official Memorial Day in the old days). I worked for 15 1/2 years as the first NP when they had the budget for a "mid-level" provider rather than for a doctor in 1998.

I received the highest patient satisfaction for years. My patients were mostly elderly patients who come regularly for intra-articular knee injections, using cortisone or occasionally hyaluronic acid.

I loved my job and still miss it after one year of retirement, and I understand that some of the patients still ask for me. My chief said they didn't know how hard I was working until after I retired. Who wouldn't want to hear that!!!

Susan Houchen


Jacki Boberg