Happy Nurse Practitioner Week + Giveaway!

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week 2016! I hope you have been adequately appreciated, loved, and adored by those close to you. Or, maybe all you've received in the way of recognition is some extra spam emails from healthcare vendors. If so, perk up because we've got a few companies who've lined up to say "Thank You" to NPs in honor of Nurse Practitioner Week with free stuff. 

First on our list of nurse practitioner appreciators is healthcare wear specialist Medelita. Here on MidlevelU, we've featured Medelita before for their sophisticated lab coats, as well as their soft but durable scrubs. If you've missed these previous posts, here are our favorite features of Medelita's products for nurse practitioners. 

Lab Coats

Medelita lab coats are manufactured with fabric that resist stains, bacteria and wrinkles, essential for the busy provider. Not only do Medelita lab coats stand the test of a packed patient schedule, the fabric is noticeably higher quality than other options on the market. You can check out different style options here


Medelita's scrubs are a winner when it comes to quality. The fabric is soft, and thicker than other scrub options on the market, preventing the seasonal chill from taking your breath away as you leave the hospital after a shift. We also love the way the bottoms are cut, with a relaxed but not too relaxed fit for less pulling while sitting. 

Could you use a pick-me-up this nurse practitioner week? Enter to win your choice of a Medelita lab coat or set of Medelita scrubs by commenting below or emailing giveaways@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use some new nurse practitioner wear. 

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!



Who doesn't love some free gear?! Being an NP is like being the best version of your nursing self! I've been an DNP, FNP for 1.5 years now, still paying off those loans and our company doesn't cover the cost of a lab coat. I would love one!


Because I recently graduated and passed my boards so I don't have any NP wear.


It is always nice to have new NP work gear. It is even better when the material is resistant to stains and germs!!

Shelly Sparks

Happy Nurse Practitoners Week! Would love to try Medelita's scrubs or lab coats! I wear scrubs daily at our clinic. Thanks for all you do, MidlevelU!

Tamera Thoener

I could use a set of Medelita scrubs because I will be doing extra shifts in Immediate Care and do not have black scrubs.

Lorene Greene

Erin, Thank you for the blog and sharing information with the NP community. I have shared your information with many colleagues and students.

Joni Kopitzke

New Nurse Practitioner here, really could use a new lab coat. Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!

Ellen Ellison

I enjoy looking professional. After being a NP for a year I find myself missing the comfort of nice scrubs. I have been looking for nicer sets and medelita fit the qualifications that I have. I would love a set in small!!!

Nichole Kelensk...

I totally need some new scrubs!


As a brand new nurse practitioner just getting ready to start practicing I could definitely use a new lab coat!!!!

Chris Dion