Happy Nurse Practitioner Week 2015 + Giveaway!

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week! I hope you feel appropriately celebrated and have been on the receiving end of plenty o' sweet treats at work. While there's a lot to say about the nurse practitioner profession and just how (cough, cough) awesome we are, I thought it would be fitting to kick off the week with a giveaway. There's no better way to be celebrated than with free stuff, right? Oh yeah, guys - this giveaway's for you, too!

I recently tossed my lab coat into the trash. Stains had settled into the fibers of its fabric. Nothing too nasty, more like an infinite number of misplaced pen strokes. I never really liked the coat, anyway. Tailored with a loose, boxy fit, I almost looked like a kid playing dress-up when I wore it. Yes, it was time for my old lab coat to go. 

I don't wear a lab coat every shift I work in the emergency department. But, with the weather getting crisp and the need for an additional layer more frequent, I decided I should replace my disposed of jacket. So, I reached out to my friends at FIGS to road test the new Joule Premium Lab Coat (the Newton Premium Lab Coat is the equivalent for dudes). 

I just may start wearing a lab coat more often now that I have tried FIGS' take on the garment. The fabric is thick and durable, unlikely to rip, tear or fray even with frequent wear and tear. The Joule Premium Lab Coat is slim-cut giving a more structured appearance to my frame, a plus when I'm prone to patients telling me I "don't look old enough to be an NP". And, the pockets are adequate for carting around all the essentials necessary for the nurse practitioner life. 

While I have been fortunate enough not to make use of FIGS' stain and fluid resistant technology while wearing the lab coat, the brand boasts that fabric prevents stains, repels spills and even pen marks. I'm confident the coat will deliver when it comes to staying fresh n' clean (with occasional laundering, of course!). 

If you, too could use a lab coat change-up, in celebration of Nurse Practitioner Week, FIGS is giving away a lab coat to one MidlevelU reader. Enter to win by emailing giveaways@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use a new lab coat this season. Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!



I need a new lab coat because mine is simply worn out. I wash it often to keep it bright like sunshine when I meet my hospital patients. My lab coat is my pockets for carrying all the essentials a good NP needs to get a good job done (stethoscope, cell phone with apps, hospital pager, pen, papers of to do things, and money to eat)!

Yvonne Gallegos