#ForeignBodyFriday - The PG Version, Of Course

If you've been a nurse or nurse practitioner for a while you have undoubtedly seen some interesting foreign body predicaments in your day. Typically, these instances involve a child with a bead up the nose or a kernel of corn in the ear. But, sometimes these foreign body plights are a bit more impressive. As every nurse knows, foreign body situations can be explicit. But, here at MidlevelU we like to keep things PG(ish). For your Friday entertainment, here are some appropriate foreign body X-rays to help you get through the workday.


Who knows?


Rough day on the job for this tree trimmer


Anyone need some spare change?


Kids will be kids


Everything but the kitchen sink


Note to self: choose a better surgeon next time


Has anyone seen my keys?


Only the naval ring is external


Happy Friday!