Enter our Launch Party Medelita Giveaway!

Goood morning friends! I'm up bright and early here in NYC to talk medication safety with the Fox and Friends team. More on that to come. First things first on this lovely fall Wednesday- free stuff. 

In case you hadn't noticed, we launched some new and exciting updates to the MidlevelU site this week. Our new features, all wrapped up in one tidy portal we call MyMidlevelU, include an interactive message board and new video content. We can't wait to see what comments, questions, and career/education related concerns you post on the board. Other MidlevelU readers are standing by to respond so we can help each other sort through the ups and downs of the nurse practitioner education and career. 

To celebrate the launch of MyMidlevelU, one of our favorite makers of healthcare wear, Medelita, has agreed to giveaway a personalized set of scrubs or a personalized lab coat to one lucky MidlevelU reader. 

We've featured Medelita products on the MidlevelU blog before (here and here), and have even named their creations among the top lab coats for men and the best lab coats for women. Medelita's scrubs and lab coats are soft and comfortable and hold up well after multiple washes and wears compared to most. We especially appreciate their thicker fabrics in the fall and winter when many other more 'breathable' scrubs leave us feeling the seasonal chill. 

Now, you have a chance to win one of these products! Enter to win by logging in to our new message board and posting a reply to our giveaway comment (under the General Discussion category). Let us know why you could use new scrubs or a lab coat. We will select a winner by Friday, September 19th. 


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I need a new lab coat and scrubs because I have been working for over 15 years... Long, hard, and intense hours.... I have simply worn all of mine out!!!

Andre knapp NP