Don't Miss This Week's MidlevelU Live Chat

We're hosting a little lunch 'n learn session here at MidlevelU HQ Thusday, June 18th at Noon CST and hope you can join. While we can't provide virtual lunch for the session (picking up your favorite local takeout is, however recommended) we can be available to answer all of your most pressing questions and respond to your comments related to the nurse practitioner education and career. 

If you haven't heard of MyMidlevelU, familiarize yourself STAT! MyMidlevelU is a private part of the MidlevelU website containing video content and message boards. This is also where MidlevelU live chats are hosted. Here's how to join in the MidlevelU live chat extravaganza tomorrow. 

  1. Create a MyMidlevelU account. Creating an account is easy. Simply choose a username and password, then verify your email address by clicking the link that arrives in your inbox. 
  2. Click on 'Message Boards' near the top of your screen. Here you can see the different message board forums on MyMidlevelU. Select 'General Discussion'. This is where MyMidlevelU live chats take place.
  3. Click on the link titled 'MidlevelU Live Chat June 18, 2015'.
  4. Add a new comment using the space provided to start posting!

I will be logged in to the live chat from Noon to 1pm CST tomorrow to answer your questions about the NP education and career in real time. If you can't make it to the live chat tomorrow, feel free to post a question or comment on the MyMidlevelU message boards at any time and I, as well as other MidlevelU readers, will weigh in as soon as possible. 

Happy posting!