Don't Miss Fox and Friends Saturday!

Hooray!  I am headed to NYC in a few hours for another Fox and Friends hit.  So, wake up bright and early or set your DVR to record Fox and Friends at the 6 o'clock hour to catch tomorrow's segment.  The topic?  Allergy season.

2014's allergy season looks like it will be a rough one.  Unfortunately, the cold, snowy winter has trees perfectly primed for pollen production, especially in the Northeast and Southwest.  The South is already experiencing the beginnings of allergy season with the Northeast not far behind.

Fortunately, for allergy sufferers, there are a few, practical ways to get relief.  Over-the-counter allergy medications pose a simple solution to the problem.  Recent changes in the OTC allergy market promise even more respite this season.  The FDA recently approved corticosteroid nasal spray Nasacort 24HR as an over-the-counter medication giving Americans more options when it comes to relieving allergies on their own.  

For more tips and tricks on avoiding the sneezes this spring, watch me and the Fox and Friends team Saturday, March 22nd.

NPs, what advice do you give to your patients who suffer from allergies?