Bacon Band-Aids: A Must-Have for Any First Aid Kit

Behold the healing powers of bacon!  So naive I was before moving to Tennessee.  Ignorant, I was unaware of bacon's ability to cure.  Yes, raw bacon appears to be a common home remedy in the South with more than one patient telling me they "tried everything" to promote self-healing of an axillary abscess, including taping a strip of raw bacon to their open and oozing armpit.

I have yet to see a case of bacon actually curing a festering open wound. But I'm certain this is because upon experiencing the wholesome healing powers of raw meat these individuals no longer see the need for modern medical treatment.  Thankfully, for those of us who cringe (just a little) about introducing the bacteria borne by uncooked pig products to an open wound, one company offers a more practical approach to bacon-ing your boo boos.  Yes, Accoutrements has introduced bacon band-aids.

I must admit that the bacon theme is a little played out.  Lately, restaurants have been adding a dash of bacon to everything, even desserts.  During a rousing round of White Elephant over the holidays last year, my husband received a bar of bacon scented soap (which he was forbidden to use and has since been secretly discarded).  Fortunately, for those of use who might just barf at the sight of another fatty slab of pork, Accoutrements offers an entire line of amusing wound care products.

My cuts, scrapes and bruises will no doubt heal more quickly plastered with Abe Lincoln's figure and the quote "I will heal your wound like I healed a nation!".  A word of caution- wearing mac-n-cheese bandages causes incessant carb cravings.  Looks like it's time to give my medicine cabinet a spirited update.  


Note: I was not compensated for this post.  I just think plastering a pair of underpants over and owie is hilarious. 

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Oh I love these! I will be ordering some soon from amazon. I agree with you on the underpants bandaids~ Hilarious!