A Back to School Scrubs Giveaway!

Going back to school always feels a lot like the New Year: it’s a chance to hit the reset button, to take all that you’ve learned and commit yourself to doing whatever it takes to make this your most amazing year yet!

This year we’re teaming up with Medelita to help you start the new school year as the best dressed nurse practitioner student on the block. Medelita is already well-known for setting the standard in tailored lab coats, and now they’ve taken that expertise to design nursing scrubs. Their new line of nursing scrubs, named Element, is already being hailed by some nurses as “the perfect scrubs” and “every nurse’s dream”. To celebrate your new school year, one lucky MidlevelU winner will receive the entire line of Element Scrubs: 2 new scrub tops, 2 new scrub pants, and a new scrub jacket!

From the performance scrub fabric to the hidden utility features (like a pen slot and hidden mesh badge clip pockets for you to easily secure your ID badge), Element Scrubs were designed to empower nurses and nurse practitioners help you do your job better. Not only do Element Scrubs have more pockets than you can fill (1 scrub set = 10+ pockets), but the tailored seam lines and sophisticated designs make these scrubs universally flattering on just about every body type.

Designed to meet the demanding conditions that most healthcare providers work in, the Element Scrub fabric was developed by Medelita for the sole purpose of creating the most amazing scrubs in existence. We all know that comfort is key, and the Element fabric is ultra soft and perfectly stretchy. These bacteriostatic scrubs also repel organic stains and wick away moisture and odors, and they can withstand hundreds of washes in harsh industrial laundry conditions without fading or losing its shape. The best part? It’s also environmentally friendly, made with plant-based fabric ingredients in each garment.

The Medelita team spent over two years perfecting every last detail of these athletically-inspired performance scrubs, and that attention to detail definitely shows. They thought of literally everything when it comes to comfort, function, and and style. Because you're always moving, tugging, pulling, squatting, bending...you work hard for your patients, and Element Scrubs will work hard for you!

To get you pumped up to go back to school, Medelita is showering one MidlevelU reader with the entire Element Scrubs line so you can start your school year off with a bang! Enter to win by emailing midlevelu@midlevelu.com with the reason you could use new scrubs for your year as a nurse practitioner student.