Back to School Clinical Swag Giveaway!

As summer draws to a close, if you're a nurse practitioner student you're likely looking forward to a fresh new start come the new academic school year. Even for those of us who are no longer in a NP program, September is a time to power up, get motivated, and create a game plan to maximize the rest of the year. We’ve teamed up once again with clinician-founded company Medelita for a giveaway that will help you kick off your fall in style, comfort, and peak clinical performance.

Medelita is already well known for the quality and flattering yet functional fit of their nursing scrubs and lab coats. But most importantly for anyone in medicine who is balancing a hectic student schedule, Medelita products are made to be supremely low maintenance, with performance fabric that is antimicrobial, wrinkle + stain releasing, and maximum durability to withstand hundreds of washes at industrial laundry settings without fading, pilling, or tearing. The result is easy-to-care-for scrubs that can be machine washed with the rest of your laundry, and won’t compete for clothesline space with your yoga gear (if you even have time for hang-drying your yoga gear!).

What does that mean for you? Less time spent caring for your scrubs and more time spent wearing them while saving lives or studying.

This month two lucky winners will have the chance to win a Back-to-School bundle of Medelita goodies to help you get through your semester with ease: a set of Medelita custom embroidered scrubs + a Medelita scrub jacket + and ERKA Finesse stethoscope (around $300 value). 

Here's how to enter: 

1. Comment below (include your email address!) with the reason you could use new clinical gear for your NP life. Or, email your entry to 

2. We'll select a winner by August 29th, 2018. 

Wishing NP students the best of luck this back to school season! 



Well, I start my first NP job next week and I am Help! :)

Alice Omerhi

I just moved to a new home and due to problems beyond our control, we have had to store most of our belongings. I could really use some new gear. Thank you.

Debbie Whitmer

I am a new NP grad with a new job! I am working in Native American Health, doing well woman exams. I am the first female that the clinic has had in several years, so I am very busy helping this community get back on track with their health.

Susan Cruz

I would love to have new gear! I'm a hospitalist and work long hours and take a lot of call. My scrubs have taken a beating lately!

Jennifer Shuler

I could use new gear because money is tight while working full-time and going to school with two little ones.

Brittany Moore

As a new grad NP I am still looking for my first NP Job and could use fresh scrubs & equipment. I have so many student loans to pay back just like many of the other NP students and I am working 2 RN jobs right now while job hunting to earn as much as I can to throw at Sallie Mae so I can get her out of my life as quickly as possible!

Susie Wiggins

I would love some new equipment. I am a practicing NP in a college health clinic. We are always on a tight budget!

Beth Allan

I could use new clinical gear because I am a low-income NP student. I took out student loans to pay for my tuitions. Meanwhile, I am working 40 hours per week to support my family and with the increasing tuitions this year, I am facing more challenges financially. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate a helping hand. Awarding this giveaway would further motivate me to pursue academic excellence to become a great NP. Thank you!

Mi Remington

Mi Remington

I would love some shiny new gear! I have been practicing for over 15 years- my stuff is old!

Heather Surcouf

I’m back at NP school for another specialty after 20 years. An upgrade would be good! Thank you!!

Kristen DeRosa