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The Average Pay for Physician Assistants, Revealed

Is your physician assistant salary above or below average? If you're a PA student thinking about budgeting for loan repayment, how much can you expect to earn in your first job? Sources and online polls can vary pretty widely when it comes to average PA salaries. Small sample sizes and geographic differences can skew online surveys leading to inaccuracies and therefore misaligned expectations. So, here at MidlevelU we've gone to the source, Uncle Sam, to give us an idea of how much the average physician assistant can expect to earn. 

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FNP Acceptance Rates: Schools of the South

In case you missed it, we reached out to over 200 family nurse practitioner programs nationwide to gauge acceptance rates. Although some programs weren’t as forthcoming in providing their metrics, many did provide great insight and advice for future FNPs looking to apply. Bringing our series to a close, here’s what programs in the south had to say.

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FNP Program Acceptance Rates for Western Schools

Applying to FNP programs can be a little nerve-wracking. Even if you meet all of the application criteria, you may still be left wondering how likely it is that you’ll be accepted into your program of choice and how many other programs you should apply to as a backup plan in case you don’t get accepted. Continuing with our series on family nurse practitioner acceptance rates, here is a look at how programs across the western region of the country measure up.

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What is Shared Billing and How Does It Affect You as a Nurse Practitioner?

It's easy as a nurse practitioner to go throughout your workday with knowing exactly how you get paid.  Yes, you may understand your basic hourly or salary compensation structure but your employer wouldn't hire you unless you were bringing revenue into the practice.  The rules and regulations surrounding nurse practitioners and billing are quite complex.

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3 Answers to "How Much Do You Want to Make?"

Talking about money is super awkward. This can be especially true in a job interview setting. You don't want to lose the position by seeming greedy or outlandish, On the other hand, you certainly don't want to sell yourself short with too safe a reply when you're asked "How much do you want to make?". Many employers compensate nurse practitioners a set salary or hourly rate across the board eliminating this awkwardness. Others embrace the negotiation process. If you're in the market for a new nurse practitioner position, it's time to sharpen your interview tactics

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Don't Miss Our ThriveAP Info Webinar

Join us live on March 7th at 4:30pm CST

Are you thriving as a new graduate? If your answer to that question isn't an enthusiastic "Yes!", you're not alone. Newer graduates often need mentoring and to build on their current clinical skill set to succeed. ThriveAP is here to help.

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Do Redheads Really Require More Lidocaine?

So, is it fact or fiction? Are redheads really more resistant to anesthetic compared to the rest of the population? In a recent suturing and office procedures training session I attended, the speaker mentioned that redheads may require a greater amount of subcutaneous lidocaine for these procedures than other patients. Curious as to the veracity of this claim, I decided to do a little research. 

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How Likely Are You to Get Into an East Coast FNP Program?

From ivy leagues to smaller, private colleges, the east coast boasts a plethora of highly sought after family nurse practitioner programs. Continuing with our series on acceptance rates, here’s what faculty at east coast schools had to say about the likelihood of being accepted into their masters FNP programs.

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Are Nurse Practitioners Legally Obligated to Report Domestic Violence?

Are nurse practitioners obligated to report domestic violence? This is a question I haven't asked myself enough over the past few years. Working in the emergency department we have an on-site police officer on the floor at all times. Any time a suspected case of violence or assault comes through the doors, the officer takes a report. Reporting domestic violence, however, is a touchy subject. Some argue it may even do more harm than good. 

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6 FNP Skills Required to Earn Above $100K

Yeah, yeah, first year family nurse practitioners who have landed six-figure salary jobs immediately after graduation do exist. Barely. The majority of FNPs, however, earn less than the $100K mark. Salaries for nurse practitioners are on the rise, but extra effort is required for FNPs looking to cross the coveted six-figure salary echelon. If you are a family nurse practitioner, honing the following skills just might get you a significant salary bump. 

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Productivity Expectations for New Graduate APPs

Setting expectations as an employer

Have you ever worked with new graduate nurse practitioners or physician assistants? If not, the onboarding experience is much different (or at least it should be) than that with an experienced provider. If your practice is hiring inexperienced nurse practitioners and physician assistants, what should your expectations for these new graduate providers look like in the first year of practice?

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FNP Program Acceptance Rates: Midwest Schools

Looking at acceptance rates for nurse practitioner programs can be a little intimidating at first glance. Because the rate depends greatly on how many seats there are each semester versus the number of applications received, however, a low acceptance rate shouldn’t deter your from still applying to your programs of choice, especially if you meet or exceed the program’s admission criteria.

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