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5 Bad Reasons to Become a Nurse Practitioner

If you're a regular MidlevelU blog reader, you know I'm a huge advocate of the nurse practitioner profession. I love working as an NP in the emergency department and wouldn't change a thing about my education and career path if I had to do it all over again. But, becoming a nurse practitioner isn't right for everyone.

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Choosing an Otoscope: A How To Guide

When I was a nurse practitioner student, purchasing an otoscope came highly recommended. As an FNP student, years upon years of examining ears were in my future. An otoscope purchase was necessary, according to my clinical instructors at least. So, I hit the internet comparing costs and products with the intention of finding the best otoscope a broke nurse practitioner student could afford. 

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This Program Helps Improve Clinical Skills During the Workday

As a nurse practitioner, the expectations placed on me are high. Not only must I know how to diagnose and treat patients, I'm required to do this in an environment where my employer tracks my time and efficiency. I've got to keep billing and malpractice pressures in mind, not to mention each individual patient's preferences. Working as a NP can be tough - I found this especially true in my early years of practice. 

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Detect New Grad NP Friendliness With These Job Interview Questions

Have you seen The Devil Wears Prada? If not, head to your sofa and tune in to Netflix, now. The film falls among my favorite watch over and over again chick flicks. But, I think we can all agree the level of new grad friendliness of Andy's job as an assistant for fashionista Miranda Priestly is at an all time low. While new grad nurse practitioners aren't typically charged with Starbucks runs and tracking down unreleased copies of Harry Potter novels, new grad NPs all too often find themselves in positions that aren't supportive of their inexperience. 

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Your Productivity Bonus is Less Than Expected, What Now?

According to my employment agreement, the maximum productivity bonus I could reach in my first nurse practitioner job was somewhere around $25K. My base hourly rate plus the added bonus potential, which I obviously knew I would reach, added up to a pretty nice compensation package. A new NP grad, I had some serious plans for my $25K. Saving up for a down payment on a home and replacing my creaking, rattling, SUV were at the top of the list. 

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Evaluating Your Nurse Practitioner Benefits Package

It's worth more thank you think...

When I accepted my nurse practitioner position, I paid attention to salary alone. As a young, healthy NP, health insurance plans and premiums didn't weigh on my mind. Aware of the need to start socking away a nest egg, I considered a retirement plan beneficial but certainly not a must. Like myself, I find that many nurse practitioners I talk with are concerned primarily with salary rather than other components of a compensation package. Are we all making a huge mistake?

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7 Reasons to Rid Yourself of NP Student Loans Early

Are you one of the nearly seventy percent of college graduates who walked the stage with student loan debt? Student loans are generally considered a good debt to have as over time, you will see a greater return on your investment once you enter the workforce as a practicing nurse practitioner. Given that they’re not a bad debt to have, and because there are numerous ways to make the monthly payments more affordable, you may not have given much thought about what the long-term impacts may be if you don’t try to pay off them off early. 

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3 Ways to Work Internationally as a Nurse Practitioner

This time of year, with the back to school season, I start to feel work pressures mounting. Gone are the leisurely days of summer. Productivity is all around me. "How long until we can retire to Argentina, or the South of France, or somewhere fabulously warm and beachy?" I ask my husband. No pressure. Fortunately, as nurse practitioners we may not need to wait for retirement to hit up the global scene

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I Resolved to Leave Work On Time...

…This is what I did to make it happen 

As a nurse practitioner who has worked in primary care, urgent care and emergency department settings, I can say there are a few challenges common to NPs across the board. Leaving work on time is one of them. Packed schedules have us scrambling from patient to patient with little time left for charting, reviewing lab results, and responding to questions. So, we tack these duties on to the end of our clinical day or bring them home with us. 

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How to Get Noticed for a Nurse Practitioner Job Before You Submit Your Resume

Searching for a nurse practitioner job can be a daunting process. You pull up a job search engine on your computer screen and find either an overwhelming number of opportunities to sift through, or more frustratingly, none at all. When you do reach out about posted positions, you rarely receive a reply. If you do, you are often met with a "not enough relevant experience" assessment. There's got to be a better way, right?

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Do You Need Your Own Medical Malpractice Insurance?

While none of us as nurse practitioners intentionally messes up, the reality is that our role comes with a high level of responsibility. Misjudgments or mishaps can potentially lead to harm. Failure to document decision making can come back to bite you. So, as healthcare providers, we protect ourselves by purchasing liability coverage. Most often, such coverage is purchased for us by our employers. Lately, I have received a number of questions from nurse practitioners asking if they need to purchase their own supplemental policies as well. 

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Health:Further Connects Midlevel Clinicians and Innovators

Today, I’m excited to announce MidlevelU’s partnership with the Health:Further Festival taking place in Nashville August 27th-29th, 2018 at the Music City Center. Health:Further is unlike any other conference or festival you’ve ever been to—it’s specifically focused on brining together an open community of innovators, payers, providers, and innovators dedicated to improving patient care and building the networks to lead change.

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