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6 Simple Ways to Make Your NP Job Easier

There are times in my job as a nurse practitioner I find myself thinking ‘ugh, not again!’. I may have answered the same question from patient for the fifth time in a row, explained a concept over and over again, or encountered a misunderstanding multiple times in a single shift. While many people think working in the emergency department must be erratic, I identify patterns in my work as an NP. In fact, most of my job is somewhat routine. 

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Join Our Live Nurse Practitioner Residency Info Session!

What are your plans for Thursday, April 12th at Noon CST? This very important date is not only my husband's birthday (we're getting so old!), it's also the date of our live Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) info session. MMU is the learning adventure of a lifetime. Not only does the program match participants with clinics that helps out underserved patients, it assures that their first year of practice will take place in a supported environment with a supplemental clinical education. If you're a nurse practitioner considering doing a residency this year, we hope you'll attend to learn more

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9 Ways to Overcome a Lousy Nurse Practitioner Job Market

The realization that you have just become a nurse practitioner living in a less than favorable job market is a bitter pill to swallow. As you look for a position, student loan obligations loom in the back of your mind. Not to mention, it seems totally unfair that everyone has told you throughout your career that NPs are in increasingly high demand and your job outlook is bright. What recourse do you have if you find yourself a nurse practitioner in this position?

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How to Start a Practice Without Wrecking Your Marriage

We've talked with a lot of nurse practitioner practice owners lately to get their insights on owning a business. If they all agree on one thing, it's that the life of a nurse practitioner entrepreneur is a challenging one. So, how do these NPs balance practice ownership with a personal life, particularly when it comes to marriage?

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What to Do if You Missed Out On a Nurse Practitioner Residency

A practical education option for new grads

New nurse practitioners face a difficult path. While we learn a lot in our NP programs, the learning curve is steep when we get out into practice. Those first years on the job can be quite anxiety provoking. Not to mention, residencies and post graduate learning opportunities for nurse practitioners are few and far between. So, what do you do if you're a new grad who could use a clinical boost?

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5 Ways Using Your Phone at Work Might Violate HIPAA

Reduced levels of productivity and distraction aren’t the only personnel issues that can arise when nurse practitioners use their phones at work. Because smartphones are essentially handheld computers, the stored information is just as susceptible to being hacked as your laptop. This means that if you use your mobile device in your NP practice without precaution, a patient’s protected health information can be easily accessed and transmitted, quickly putting you in violation of HIPAA and your integrity at risk.

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Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Nurse Practitioner Students

I've previously covered the top time-saving tactics I use as a nurse practitioner. NP students gave a “What about us?!” response. It’s true, my top time-savers require some disposable income and may not be financially savvy moves for nurse practitioner students. So, in the interest of living on a student budget, here are a few hacks I found useful for maximizing my time in my life as an NP student. 

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You Hate Your Nurse Practitioner Job, Now What?

I once quit a job day 1 of orientation. As a high school student I had acquired summer employment at a retail store. Upon receiving my work schedule, 4pm to 11pm, 6 days/week, I decided the position was going to seriously cramp my social life (you’d have thought I would have talked schedule before accepting the position - live and learn). So, I put in my notice. It seems that at larger retail chains, simply letting your manager know you’re leaving rather than neglecting to show up at work without warning is appreciated and not the norm. No bridges burned. 

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The RVU: Who, When, Why and How?

Do you really understand how you're paid? As nurse practitioners, many of us are paid based on productivity, essentially the revenue we bring in to our practice. Such compensation structures are based on the RVU, or relative value unit. Those of us paid on productivity compensation models have a basic understanding of how this system works. At the most basic level, Medicare and other payers reimburse medical providers for the services they provide based on a given numerical value assigned to each service type. 

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Overcoming Nurse Practitioner Job Search Rejection

One of the most frustrating parts of a nurse practitioner job search is hearing the word 'No'. Personally, you know you can get the job done. While you may not have the experience required for an advertised opportunity, you have no doubt in your ability to get up to speed quickly. Despite your attempts, your fail to convince your interviewer of the same. Rejection in your nurse practitioner job search can quickly lead to dejection, a sure sign you won't perform at your best in future interview attempts. How do you deal with job search rejection?

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Interview With an Oncology Nurse Practitioner

One of my best friends, college roommate and fellow nurse practitioner, Jennifer, enjoys a thriving career as an oncology NP. With eight years of experience as an oncology nurse practitioner she has worked with numerous cancer patients and held some pretty interesting jobs. For those of you considering a career as an oncology nurse practitioner or who are simply interested in the nurse practitioner profession as a whole, she has agreed to help us learn more by answering a few questions about her own experiences.

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Now, What Meds Are You Taking Again? Pill Identification Apps

By MidlevelU Intern and BSN in Progress Olivia DeFilippo

Countless times I have peered into my medicine cabinet in search of my allergy medication finding pills that have fallen out of the packaging. "I think that tablet looks like my allergy medicine" I say to myself..."But should I risk it?".

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