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How Can NPs Learn LARC Insertion?

As a nurse practitioner, training to provide more services and procedures gives your career a major boost. Not only do these abilities serve your patients well, they also make you a more marketable provider and provide value in the workplace. In my own nurse practitioner career, I have enjoyed furthering my clinical and procedural skills as this also keeps me relevant, challenged and up to date with the latest in evidence-based practice. 

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Prepare for a Nurse Practitioner Job Interview in 7 Easy Steps

When you’re on the hunt for a nurse practitioner job, crafting the perfect cover letter and submitting your resume for suitable positions is only half the battle in landing your next career opportunity. Acing the job interview is where the rubber meets the road and your opportunity to put a face to your application. 

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Tips That Will Make You a Rockstar at Clinic Time Management

Advice to avoid getting behind schedule

Getting behind schedule is a constant battle for many nurse practitioners. Patients arrive like clockwork for appointments, piling up in the lobby, as you struggle to get those currently in the exam room treated and out the door. Unexpected paperwork piles up. Answering patient calls eats up precious minutes. Your printer malfunctioning requires time to fix. 

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What are PECARN Rules? Hint: They Don't Involve Nuts

Deciding when to order a CT scan in the case of a head injury can be a frustrating process. Yes, the likelihood of a serious finding is often low, but do you really want to be wrong when it comes to a head injury? Absolutely not- the stakes are too high. In kids, the CT decision becomes an even riskier process. Ordering a CT scan unnecessarily increases risk of radiation-related malignancy later in life. Enter the PECARN rules. 

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Real-Life Tips from First Day Mistakes in My New Nurse Practitioner Job

Perfectly content with my workload, and always borderline over-committed, I wasn't looking for a new nurse practitioner job. Until, that is, the former medical director of the emergency department where I work sent an email asking for help in his new facility. Intrigued by the opportunity to work somewhere new, and attracted to the possibility of again practicing with someone who had been instrumental in training me to be the NP I am today, I accepted the job. 

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Did You Miss the Live MMU Info Session?

Watch the recording to learn more about this residency-like program for NPs and PAs

If you missed yesterday's live Midlevels for the Medically Underserved info session, no problem. We're posting a video of the meeting so you don't miss out on learning more about this learning experience of a lifetime for new nurse practitioners. 

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5 Tips for Handling a Nurse Practitioner Job Interview at a Restaurant

The final interview for my first nurse practitioner job occurred in a restaurant. I met the physician interviewing me at the clinic and she suggested we go to lunch. You can imagine my surprise when she told me she had driving her Harley motorcycle to work that day so I would need to drive us to our destination. Thankfully my old Jeep (think NP student budget) was somewhat clean. 

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Happy Nurse Practitioner Week + Giveaway!

Happy Nurse Practitioner Week! It's time to celebrate the hard work we put into our careers as NPs an reflect back on our professional accomplishments. As NPs, we are an integral part of our healthcare system, especially as a shortage of physicians presents itself. For nurse practitioners, this means an increasing role and responsibility for patient care, one we have and continue to step up to fill. So, pat yourself on the back today if you're a practicing or aspiring NP. 

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Weekend Wrap Up 11.10.17

Happy Veteran's Day weekend! What do you have in store for the next few days? The crisp fall weather paired with sunshine here in Nashville has me motivated to work on a few projects around the house. I'm in to-do list checkoff mode right now and plan to make some significant progress on my tasks. Paired with a social engagement or two, I think a pretty good Saturday is in store. If you could use some reading material to make it through to the weekend, check out this week's more interesting medical news. 

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The Rules for Delivering Bad News to Patients

I've talked to some colleagues recently who've been a little down about their roles as nurse practitioners. Working in family practice, they have found themselves in the position of delivering bad or upsetting news to their patients. Cancer diagnoses were fortunately made rather than missed, but letting a patient know they've got a serious, life-altering illness or condition is tough, not to mention, this is not something most of us as NPs learn to do in school. 

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5 Foolproof Steps to Enjoying Your Nurse Practitioner Career

My first year as a nurse practitioner, I had some doubts about my career path. Anxious about the skills I needed to acquire to excel on the job, lacking confidence as a new graduate, and frustrated with my employer, there were a lot of factors causing me to question my decision to become an NP. Was this really the right job and ultimately career trajectory for me?

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3 Things You'll Learn at 'What's Up with Primary Care Emergencies?!'

It's almost mid-November and with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I also get the feeling that the year is winding down. Once Thanksgiving week comes, the holiday season takes over and it's all I can do to squeeze in work, shopping, social engagements and all that comes with Christmas time. But, before holiday madness and distractions take over, I plan to get a few productive works weeks in and do some planning to get myself organized in preparation for 2018. 

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